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One Word for 2017: Onward!

2016 is only a few days from being over; the New Year is on the horizon.

Since 2009, instead of choosing a New Year’s resolution, I’ve been choosing One Word to live by for 365 days.  This year, my One Word is:



Onward!  The road may be difficult, but I refuse to quit or stop; onward I go!  Onward to new and better things.  Onward to climbing the difficult mountains and feeling victorious afterwards.  Onward to crossing the roughest of seas and knowing I accomplished something.  Onward into the night to seek the morning.  Onward to get a new understanding on God’s love for me.  Onward to fight battles rather than stand by and watch.  Adventure is waiting, onward I go!

Sometimes there are road blocks and stumbling blocks, but that shouldn’t stop me from continuing onward!  They may slow me down a little, but I won’t stop, and after moving past the barriers, I will have grown and learned from the difficult path.

2016 was a year of striving for me, but in 2017, I’m going onward!  Adventure ho!

* * *

This blog was written in connection with OneWord365.com.  Check it out.  Forget New Year’s resolutions, just choose one word.


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