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One Word for 2017: Onward!

2016 is only a few days from being over; the New Year is on the horizon.

Since 2009, instead of choosing a New Year’s resolution, I’ve been choosing One Word to live by for 365 days.  This year, my One Word is:



Onward!  The road may be difficult, but I refuse to quit or stop; onward I go!  Onward to new and better things.  Onward to climbing the difficult mountains and feeling victorious afterwards.  Onward to crossing the roughest of seas and knowing I accomplished something.  Onward into the night to seek the morning.  Onward to get a new understanding on God’s love for me.  Onward to fight battles rather than stand by and watch.  Adventure is waiting, onward I go!

Sometimes there are road blocks and stumbling blocks, but that shouldn’t stop me from continuing onward!  They may slow me down a little, but I won’t stop, and after moving past the barriers, I will have grown and learned from the difficult path.

2016 was a year of striving for me, but in 2017, I’m going onward!  Adventure ho!

* * *

This blog was written in connection with OneWord365.com.  Check it out.  Forget New Year’s resolutions, just choose one word.



One Word for 2016: Strive

Happy New Year, everyone!

For the last several years instead of choosing a New Year’s resolution that’s hard to keep, I’ve been choosing One Word to live by for 365 days (or 366 days, as this is a leap year).  This year, I’ve chosen:

OneWord365 - 2016 - Strive


Strive to be a better person.  Strive to be a better writer.  Strive to take chances and try new things.  Strive to get out of my comfort zone.  Strive to live for God every day.  Strive to make some changes in my life.  Strive to get a novel published and/or work on new writing projects.  Strive to live life, instead of watching others live it without me.  Strive to be more than I can be.

Striving isn’t always easy.  I may need encouragement and a helping hand along the way.  As I get older, the more I see that I can’t do everything alone.

Strive to help.  Strive to heal.  Strive to learn.

Once we stop striving, we stop living life and reaching for more.  Continue to strive.

2015 was a year of change for me.  Now that change has happened.  It’s time to STRIVE!

* * *

This blog was written in connection with OneWord365.com.  Check it out.  Forget New Year’s resolutions, just choose one word.


One Word 2012

Last year, my sister, Alece Ronzino, did something called One Word.  The idea is to throw away New Year’s resolutions and replace it with one word.  Just one word.  One word to live your life by for the year.  One Word took off and now hundreds of people have resolved to not have a resolution this year, but one simple word.  Because of the success of the concept, her one word has become a community.  One Word 365!

One word.

365 days.

Last year, my One Word was “written“.  It summed up what I wanted out of last year.  And by the end of 2011, I felt like I had lived up to it.

So, what’s my One Word for 2012?  It took me some time to think about it.  I know a lot of words, and each word has the potential to represent what I want out of 2012.  But, it’s not about what I want out of 2012, it’s about what I can be, how I can change and grow.  Both in my spiritual life, and in my life’s desires and goals.  That’s why I have chosen this year’s One Word.


“Be” is a small, two letter word that is easily passed by when you read it in a book or an article.  Kind of like me.  But as small as “be” is, this simple little verb has a lot of strength behind it.  To “be” something means that you “are” something.  You are not wanting, lacking, or desiring, you are.  My word is not “become”.  I don’t want to become.  I already am.  I want to “be”.  “Be” someone new.  “Be” who I am meant to be.

A hero doesn’t “become” a hero; he’s a hero on the inside first.  He needs to “be”, before he can become, and then is a hero.

I want to “be” on the inside.  Be Andrew Ronzino.  I want to stop becoming, because I already am Andrew Ronzino.  Now it’s time to BE!

I start here.  I start now.

One Word 2012: Be

* * *

If you would like to join the One Word 365 community and throw away a resolution and replace it with one word, visit the One Word 365 website: oneword365.com

NaNoWriMo Day 30: One Word

Well, NaNoWriMo, 2011 is over.  I survived.  I wrote a 70,000+ word YA novel in 28 days, as well as grew as a writer.  All in all, I would call it a fantastic victory!

Today, my new NaNo friend GR Liz mentioned something to me that I never thought about.  She said, “I also still love that your word for the year (written) was used so heavily in your novel.  Really cool parallel!”

One Word, which is a project my sister, Alece Ronzino, started, is something I haven’t forgotten.  My One Word for 2011 is: “Written“.  You can click on the link to see why I chose “written” as my One Word, but it means a lot to me.

It was nice to see that someone else recognized it when I didn’t.  The title of my NaNo project this year is Written in Silence, and the word “written” is in the novel a lot.  The fact the the seconday protagonist, Michael, communicates through writing is a major point in the story.  I guess, without even meaning to, I wrote Michael to be a lot like me.  I talk, unlike him, but I also like to communicate through written word.  That’s one reason why I love to write, it’s how I like to express myself.

This whole year was about getting my novel (not my NaNo novel, the other one that I want to get published), ready to be looked at by agents and editors.  I took a month off from that to do NaNoWriMo and write Written in Silence, but in a way, that year long goal was grafted into the idea of the story I wrote this year; in a way, my One Word never left me!

Thank you everyone for following my journey through this year’s National Novel Writing Month.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Until my next blog post,

Andrew Ronzino, an Author

P.S.  I took a victory ride in the carousel at the mall with the other Wrimos at our write-in today.  It was awesome, and very childish at the same time.  The mall Santa was waving at us as we did so.  It was a great moment!  Shout out to all my Wrimos!

One Word 2011

My sister, Alece Ronzino, has made it a point not to have a New Year’s resolution or goal.  Just one word.  One word to live your life by for the year.  This concept of One Word has spread like wildfire, and now hundreds of people have resolved to not have a resolution this year, but one word.

I’ve been thinking about this myself, and I wanted to choose my One Word for 2011, but I could never think of one single word I could use to describe what I wanted to see this year in my personal life.  It was a tough decision, but now I have it.  I have chosen my One Word 2011.


Why have I chosen “written” as my One Word?  Because this is the year that I plan on taking the first steps to get my first novel published.  My first step is to start seeking the representation of a literary agent.  It’ll be a long process, and it’ll take some time before I see my book on a shelf.  But that process begins this year by finishing the final touches on my book, then seeking representation.  I no longer want to say, “I’m writing a book.”, but rather, “I’ve written a book.”

I start here.  I start now.

One Word 2011: Written

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