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NaNoWriMo Day 11: No Good Words

NaNoWriMo Journal 2017

This journal is all about sharing my experiences during NaNoWriMo, and so I’m going to be honest with all my readers for a moment.

I don’t write the gooder words.

I mean, I no write good.

I mean no good words come.

I give up.  I don’t feel like I’ve written anything that I can be proud of in this novel.  I’m writing words, yes, but are they good words?  Meaningful words?  Powerful, dynamic words?  No.  I feel like all the words in this novel are lackluster and pedantic.  Nothing means anything, there’s no quality to them.  They’re just words on a page.

I honestly feel like it’s because of all the other responsibilities I have this year with the play I’m directing.  I’m focusing on NaNo, but only enough to get though it.  I understand that it’s the first draft, and it’s being written fast, so it won’t be good either way, but I also feel it goes beyond that.  I feel like my words are being wasted.  I guess I’ll see when it’s all written.  This story might need a complete rewrite from scratch when this is all over.

For those of you who are also doing NaNo, I hope your words feel stronger than mine do.

Current word count for The Wayward Witch: 29,033/50,000!

Until the fires of Mount Doom forge a new ring,

Andrew Ronzino, Runner of the Bulls


NaNoWriMo Day 10: Meet the Mythic Clerics

NaNoWriMo Journal 2017

First of all, today I hit 25,000 words!  That means I’m halfway to the goal!  I’m excited about that.

The Mythic Clerics are the smallest, but most prestigious order of knights.  The follow the Code of Faith and Honor.  They work for the crown and the church collectively rather than one or the other, like the priests and the knights.  Only those who are merged with the Mythic Blades can be knighted as Mythic Clerics, and there are only five Mythic Blades, thus, only five Clerics at any given time.  2,000 years ago, they disbanded during the Dark War, but were reestablished by King Kaylon in the previous novel.  I would like to introduce the men and women who are in the Order of Faith and Honor.

Sir Symon DeMyn, Mythic Commander – Sir Symon is the main character of the story, and he is the Mythic Commander of the Order of Faith and Honor.  He commands the small regiment of the Mythic Clerics.  He uses the Divine Blade, the sword traditionally held by the Mythic Commander.  If you want to know more about Symon, you can click here.

Sir Cad Sylvin, Mythic Cleric – Sir Cad is the only one of the Mythic Clerics who is married.  He is a kind, soft spoken man, but a natural leader.  Symon often looks to Cad as a second in command and relies on his tactical thinking.  His Mythic Blade is the Wind Blade.

Sir Evan Stone, Mythic Cleric – Sir Evan is one of the Mythic Twins.  He used to be a Crown Paladin, an order of knights who are charged with serving and protecting the royal family.  He’s a bit of a womanizer, but he’s bad at picking up women.  He has a good relationship with the other Clerics, and even though they bicker a lot, his sister is one of his favorite people in the world.  He is crass and sometimes doesn’t know when to take the foot out of his mouth.  He wields the Honor Blade.

Dame Elyza Stone, Mythic Cleric – Dame Elyza is the other Mythic Twin, sister of Evan.  Like her brother, she was once a Crown Paladin, but when Symon offered for her to join the Mythic Clerics, she jumped at the chance and convinced Evan to do so as well.  She never once looked back.  She holds the Mercy Blade.

Dame Allyssa Mayz, Mythic Cleric – Dame Allyssa is the youngest of the Mythic Clerics at seventeen.  She is a bright, spunky girl who, loves being a Cleric more than the others.  Like Symon, she used to be commoner; a farm girl, but found that she was worthy of the Mythic Blades.  Her sword is the Banish Blade.

There they are, the current regiment of Mythic Clerics!  They’re fun characters.

Current word count for The Wayward Witch: 27,208/50,000!

Until the day begins anew,

Andrew Ronzino, Everything is Fine!

NaNoWriMo Day 9: Write-In

NaNoWriMo Journal 2017

I’m going to keep it short tonight; I’m tired.  I had a bad day at work, and when I got home I wrote for a little bit, then went to a local write-in.  I haven’t had a lot to time to get involved in the NaNoWriMo community like I usually do because of my commitments elsewhere.  But I really wanted to go to a write-in.  So I want to the spot I normally go and met up with a bunch of familiar faces.  They were happy to see me, since I’ve been reclusive this year.

The word wars ended up helping me write a lot of good words.  Though I haven’t crossed the 25k mark yet, I’m very close.

Current word count for The Wayward Witch: 24,325/50,000!

Until tomorrow,

Andrew Ronzino, Dragonmaster

NaNoWriMo Day 8: Meet Symon DeMyn…Again

NaNoWriMo Journal 2017

So far, I’ve shared the plot of the story with you, and gave you an excerpt to read, but now I would like to share some information about the main character for this year’s NaNoWriMo novel!  Two years ago, I introduced Symon DeMyn to you, the protagonist of The Priest of Tears, today you get to meet him again, only this time, he’s three years older.

Meet Symon DeMyn, the primary protagonist of The Wayward Witch.


Name: Symon DeMyn

Nickname: Sy

Age: 27

Hair: Short, fine, blond hair

Skin: Tan

Favorite color: Sky green (the sky is green in the setting of this story)

Favorite Music: The sound of a lyre

Food: He’s not picky, he’ll eat just about anything

Likes: Swordplay, drinking, his friends, his regiment of Mythic Clerics

Dislikes: Books, dealing with angry people, confrontation

Most prized possession: The Divine Blade

Why?: He’s merged with it, and draws his power from it

Personality flaws: His anger

Personality strengths: His genuine good heart

Symon is the Mythic Commander of the Order of Faith and Honor, otherwise known as the Mythic Clerics.  He came from common stock, but three years ago, though his chase of the Priest of Tears, he merged with the Divine Blade and became the first knighted Mythic Cleric in over 2,000 years.

Now he commands the small order of five total Mythic Clerics, including himself, one for each legendary Mythic Blade.  He loves his job, and has taken to being a commander, a knight, and a lord very well.  He is close to the royal family of Vastervale and serves the king and high hierarch with loyalty and honor.  He cares for the people under his command.

He still morns the death of his bride-to-be, Beth.  And on the anniversary of her death, he goes back to his hometown of Tittleway and drowns himself in alcohol until he feels ready to lay that aside and become the Mythic Commander once again.

* * *

Little does Symon know that the Wayward Witch is out there and wants him dead, but she wants to humiliate him before she kills him.  Bawahahaha!

Current word count for The Wayward Witch: 21,080/50,000!

Until we meet again,

Andrew Ronzino, The Outlander

NaNoWriMo Day 7: In a World Without Magic

NaNoWriMo Journal 2017

The world that this novel is set in is a very low fantasy.  It has little to no magic.  There are no wizards or sorcerers, mages or necromancers.  There are people who claim to use magic, like the titular Wayward Witch, but it’s all illusion; smoke and mirrors, stage magic.

The only bit of real magic that has ever been recorded in the world, especially in Vastervale (the country the story is set in), are the five magical swords that supposedly was given by the gods, known collectively as the Five Divine Beings.  These are the five Mythic Blades which give the Mythic Clerics their powers and abilities.  Merging one’s spirit with one of the swords gives you the powers that comes with the blade.  The five swords are known as the Mercy Blade, the Wind Blade, the Banish Blade, the Honor Blade, and the Divine Blade.

It’s fun to write a fantasy story in a world where magic is confined to only five objects.  There’s no spells or arcane energy to help the protagonists get out of holes.  Yes, the swords grant great strength, speed, and heightened senses, but  it doesn’t grant them magic.  They have to think their way out of problems.

Maybe one day I’ll add an extra magical element to this story universe, but for right now, I’m content with the Mythic Blades.

Current word count for The Wayward Witch: 19,057/50,000!

Until the Bothans have the right to choose not to go on deadly missions,

Andrew Ronzino, Mr. Cool

NaNoWriMo Day 6: The Royal Family

NaNoWriMo Journal 2017

When I wrote The Priest of Tears I only wrote in two members of the royal family of the country of Vastervale.  King Kaylon Daylyn and Princess Rachel, his eldest daughter.  At the time, King Kaylon was known as the Craven King, but it was revealed in the story that he put on the appearance of a coward for a reason, and his real personality is the exact opposite.  Rachel is a princess, but also a blacksmith by trade.  She made Symon his armor when he first becomes a Mythic Cleric.

Well, in this story, which is set three years after the events of the first story, I needed to write in the rest of the royal family.  It’s been fun coming up with all of them and I would like to introduce them to you.

Behind every great king there is a great queen.  Queen Panella is a kind, but stern woman.  She thinks of Symon as one of the family despite the fact that he has no connection to the royal bloodline in any way.

Prince Jaymas is the eldest son and heir apparent.  He is a hedonistic man who cares little for almost everyone around him.

Prince Kalvyn is the second born.  He is a good man with a family of his own.  He would make a good king, but he’s sickly with a life long illness and is frail.

Princess Rachel is the third born, and she’s one of the story’s main characters, so more on her later.

Princess Valery is the fourth born, and the youngest daughter.  She has a mild crush on Symon, and is a stereotypical spoiled princess.  But she has a big heart and cares for the people of the country.

The fifth and final child is Prince Jonas, who is a handsome young man that most of the eligible noble girls desires to court.

The royal family of Vastervale, everybody.  I’m currently in the middle of a dinner scene with most of them in it, so I’m having fun exploring their personalities.

Current word count for The Wayward Witch: 17,030/50,000!

Until I call forth lightning from the night sky,

Andrew Ronzino, That Guy

NaNoWriMo Day 5: The First Excerpt

NaNoWriMo Journal 2017

Dear Paradigm Readers,

I’m struggling this year.  Between the play, NaNo, and life, I’m exhausted.  But I’m determined to get though this month with a smile on my face!

I’m going to treat you all to a small excerpt from the novel I’m writing this year.  You might not know any of the characters yet, but I’ll be introducing them to you in later posts.  Please keep in mind that this is a very rough draft.  This is what I like to call a “vomit draft”, it’s just thrown up onto the page, intended to be properly edited later on.  The goal of NaNoWriMo is write a minimum of 50,000 words in 30 days.  Because of that, the story is being written rapidly with little to no editing.  The only editing I’ve done to this excerpt is enough to make it readable for you.

So, here is the first excerpt.  Please enjoy, and tell me what you think in the comments.

The still air of the bright summer day was split by the banter of the men on the large wagon being drawn by a pair of hefty horses.  The wagon moved down the road at a leisurely pace, there was no rush for the riders.

“I don’t know, Evan,” Cad said.  “I don’t think it’ll work.”

“Oh, it’ll work,” Evan Stone said, glancing at his companion.  “It has to work.”

“I’m telling you, she won’t fall for it, nor will she fall for you if you try.”  Cad shook his head.  “You’re not that charming.”

“He’s right, you know,” Elyza said with a smirk.  “Trust me, brother.”

Evan looked at his twin sister.  “I don’t see you coming up with ways to woo the man you’ve been pining over for the last three months.”

“I don’t need to woo him, Evan,” she said, “He’ll come to me once he realizes that I’m everything he wants in a woman.  However, tricking Carla into an evening alone will fail miserably.  She may be the baker’s daughter, but she’s smart.”

“Carla?!” The surprised voice of Allyssa said from the back of the wagon as she watched the road behind them.  “You’ve been talking about Carla this whole time?”

“Why so surprised?” Evan said.

Allyssa shrugged.  “She doesn’t seem to be your type.”

“I have a type?” Evan said.

“Tall, blonde, red streak in her hair,” Allyssa said.

“You just described yourself,” Evan said.

“Too late, Sir Evan.  You lost your chance to court me when you nearly chopped my arm off with your sword,” Allyssa said with a smile.

“That was an accident,” Evan said.

“And it cost you my hand,” Allyssa said.

“Do we have to talk about this?” Cad said.

“Oh go on,” Symon said.  He was driving the cart, keeping an eye out for danger ahead.  “I love hearing how Evan blows it with women on a weekly basis.”

“Oh please, Commander,” Evan said.  “It’s not that often.”

“At least once a month,” Symon said.  “I had no problem with you and Allyssa being in a relationship, in fact, I encouraged it, but then you did nearly cut her arm off.”

“It healed!” Evan shouted.

“It hurt, and it also broke my heart,” Allyssa said with the hint of a laugh.  “Honestly, Elyza, I have no idea how you grew up with this man.”

“It wasn’t easy,” Elyza said.

Cad shook his head.  “Look, all I’m saying is that if you want to impress Carla, tricking her into a romantic evening is not the way to do it, you need to be straightforward.”

“You should listen to him, Evan,” Elyza said.  “Cad is the only one of us who is married, I think he knows what he’s talking about.”

Alyssa laughed.  “The idea of Evan asking Carla out straightforward is hilarious.”

“Silence,” Sir Symon commanded.  “I hear something.”

The Clerics snapped to attention.  Sir Cad looked around from the top of the wagon along with Sir Evan.  They peered into the surrounding forest with intent.  Dame Allyssa watched the back, her hand on the hilt of her sword.  Dame Elyza readied to vanish into the trees and flank the enemy if need be.

-Excerpt from The Wayward Witch; Chapter 1, by Andrew Ronzino

There it is.  Just something easy to start off with; some banter between knights on the road.

Current word count for The Wayward Witch: 15,139/50,000!

Until the sky brightens,

Andrew Ronzino, The Man Who Ate Earth

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