A shift is needed…


I had to work today, and afterwards I had a game of D&D to play, so it was a busier day than I expected.  I only got to write a little bit, but hey, any words count.

The end of my story is near.  I’m thinking I only have a few more scenes to write before I can type “the end”.  Overall, I’m glad I tried this genre out.  I’m not sure if it’s for me, and I’m not sure I was any good at writing the humor, but the experience of it was good, and I’m happy I tried something I was uncomfortable with.  I can always say that I tried it, and that, to me, is worth it.  I’m not saying that I’m never coming back and writing in this setting, but urban fantasy just isn’t one of my strong points, I don’t think.

Four days left to go, and I’m amazed I stretched it out this long.

Current word count for Struggles of a Modern Vampire: 67,008/50,000!

Until the end comes,

Andrew Ronzino, Firestarter


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