A shift is needed…


Between yesterday and today I only got about 900 words written, but I have to look at it positively, that’s 900 words I didn’t have before.  In the world of writing, any amount of words is a step forward.  I would have written more, but the last two days have been so busy with a million other things that had to get done.  I’m looking forward to having two days off so I can get a good chunk of writing in.

I’ve just reached a part in my story were its looking like things might start going up for my main character, Matt.  He may come into a nearly limitless supply of money due to who his sire was.  This would make life so much easier for him.  Little does he know that things aren’t going to get better at all.

Poor guy, he can’t catch a break.

Current word count for Struggles of a Modern Vampire: 62,823/50,000!

Until the rain stops,

Andrew Ronzino, Poopmaster 9,000


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 23: Little Does He Know" (1)

  1. Wow. You’ve been busy this month!

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