A shift is needed…

NaNoWriMo Day 21: Vampires


I don’t like vampires that much.

There, I said it.  I’ve never been a fan of vampires in general.  The whole drinking blood thing is kind of skeevy to me, it always has been, and I’m sure it always will be.  I’ve seen a bunch of vampire movies, and I’ve read a few books about them, and so far my favorites things with vampires in them are the Underworld movies, and the Cirque du Freak novels.

I hear you saying something like, “If you don’t like vampires, then why are you writing about them?”

My answer is simple: Because I like the story of it.  The idea of a poor vampire who can’t seem to catch a break no matter what he tries is fascinating to me.  I like the way this is coming out, I like the characters, I like the setting, I even like my version of vampires.

Vampires come in many shapes and sizes; there are so many ways to do them and have them still fit in the category of “vampire”.

Does the blood thing gross me out?  Yes.  Do I wonder every day why I’m writing about vampires?  Yes.

But I’m doing it because it’s so different from my normal style and my normal genre.  Because it’s a challenge.

Current word count for Struggles of a Modern Vampire: 61,698/50,000!

Until I fight for the sake of the kangaroos,

Andrew Ronzino, Explorer of the Vision Quest


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