A shift is needed…


My word counts have been lower than normal lately, however, they’ve still be above the daily goal, and I’ve hit 50K already, so I can’t complain.

Up to this point in this journal, I’ve shared the plot of the story, and gave you the first, second, and third excerpts.  However, I have yet to tell you of my secondary main character; he’s Matt’s best friend and confidant.

Meet Jordy Polanski, the secondary protagonist of Struggles of a Modern Vampire.

MEET Jordan Polanski

Name: Jordan Richard Polanski

Nickname: Jordy

Age: 26

Hair: Short, unruly, brown

Skin: Caucasian

Favorite color: Red

Favorite Music: Rap

Favorite Food: Greek food

Likes: Swimming, hunting, boxing, watching movies, his family, vampire movies/books/TV shows

Dislikes: Spiders, eating turkey, preachy vegans, cats

Most prized possession: An old handgun that belonged to his grandfather

Why?: His grandfather gave it to him before he passed on.

Personality flaws: He worries too much, he has a tendency to cover up his mistakes

Personality strengths: Kind, optimistic, cares for others over himself most of the time

Jordan, or Jordy to his friends, met Matt Donavan in high school.  They two became fast friends, even though Jordy had ambition to finish school with high marks, and Matt did not. Their friendship lasted though school and when they graduated, they decided to enroll in the same college.  It was shortly after they started their freshman year that Matt simply vanished.  He dropped out of school, and no one saw him since.

After a few years of trying to contact Matt, Jordy moved on with his life, got married, had some kids, graduated, and started work as a physical therapist.  Things were going well, he was happy.  Every now and then he would think of his old high school friend and wonder what ever happened to him.

That is, until he walked into the Red Room Pub and saw Matt Donavan for the first time in seven years.  Matt confided in Jordy and told him he was a vampire and Jordy stuck around, wanting to help his friend in any way he could, including helping him find work.

* * *

Jordy is a nice guy who likes to help people.  The story is mostly told though conversations between Matt and Jordy.  I really like Jordy as a character.  He’s been a lot of fun to write.

Current word count for Struggles of a Modern Vampire: 57,507/50,000!

Until Pluto is a planet again,

Andrew Ronzino, Master of the Lord of the Dance


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