A shift is needed…


Drum roll please…


Sixteen days after I started NaNoWriMo, I crossed the 50k line!  I got home from work today, and wrote for a while before I left for my church’s drama rehearsal.  I thought I still had a lot more to go, but when I looked at my word count, I was about 99 words away from crossing the threshold.  I was excited.

Since I do so every year, I’ll share that the 50,000th word was: “vampires”.

The sentence containing the 50,000th word was: “I hated everything about these Bloodline Community vampires.”

The context is that my main character, Matt Donavan, is confronting another vampire named Quinton about him attacking Matt’s human friend, Jordy.  Quinton is a very bratty person who belongs to the “high society” of vampires called the Bloodline Community, and thinks the world revolves around himself, and Matt just hates that line of thinking.  It’s a very fun scene, and I haven’t had a chance to finish it yet.

Since I’m writing an urban fantasy about vampires (I still can’t believe that’s happening), I feel like this is the perfect word to be the 50,000th.

Now, even though I have technically beaten the challenge of NaNoWriMo, the story is not done yet.  I don’t consider it a victory until I finish the novel.  There’s not that much more to write, so we’ll see how it goes.  Now is not the time to slack off.

Current word count for Struggles of a Modern Vampire: 50,305/50,000!

Until next time,

Andrew Ronzino, A Man Who Wrote A Novel In Under 30 Days


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