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Today I was really busy, and I didn’t get nearly as many words written as I would have liked.

Now I want share another excerpt with you.  I’ve already shared a first one, so this is the second one.  This one features the previously mentioned Werp character.  This was the scene he was introduced in.  Again, just like with the first excerpt, please keep in mind that it’s a vomit draft so ignore any spelling or grammatical errors.  Let me know what you think of it.

Black Coat smirked.  “We want to talk to you, Donavan, your friend here is just to make sure you come quietly.”

I thought about that for a moment.  “Fine, I’ll go, you can ask me your questions, but you must promise to leave Jordy alone.”

“You hear that, Stephen?” Ascot said to Black Coat from next to me.  “He expects us to bring an O- with us and not have a taste.  He must be stupid.”

I spun around and smacked him in the face.  “Call me stupid one more time, I dare you.”

“Did you just smack me?”

“I’ll do it again in a second if you don’t shut up,” I said.

“He smacked me, Stephen.”

“I know, Werp, I saw it,” Stephen said.

“Werp?!  Your name is Werp?” I said with a laugh, then I smacked him again.

“Matt,” Jordy said with a warning in his voice.

“You…?” Werp said with his hand on his cheek.

“That’s for having a stupid name, Werp,” I said.  The other vampires smirked, and tried to hide laughter in their hands.  I looked at Stephen.  “I’ll go with you, but I want your word that Jordy will remain untouched.  His blood is not to be drunk, by anyone.  If you do not agree, we fight, and I will protect him with my life.  If words gets to the Bloodline Community that you killed another vampire to get to a human, it’ll be the sun for all of you, I guarantee it.”

I was bluffing.  I wasn’t sure what the Bloodline Community would do in the case of vampire on vampire violence.  But it seemed that these vampires didn’t know what would happen either, because they looked taken aback.

“You have it wrong,” Donavan,” Stephen said.  “We don’t want your friend, we want you, and he’s just a snack for the road.”

“I’ll come with you, but Jordan will remain untouched, do I have your word?”

Stephen looked at his cronies, who watched him, waiting to see what he would say.  He nodded curtly.

“Say it,” I said.

“The human will remain untouched.”

I nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Matt?” Jordy said, worried.

“We have to go with them Jordy, stay close to me, they won’t hurt you.”

“They already tried, Matt.”

“Trust me,” I said.

Werp grabbed my shirt and tried to push me forward, “Let’s go.”

I smacked him in the face for the third time.  “Get your hands off me, Werp, or you’ll lose them.”

-Excerpt from Struggles of a Modern Vampire; Chapter 10, by Andrew Ronzino

There it is, I hope you liked it.  That’s all I have for now.  Tomorrow is Day of Knockout Noveling (DOKN), and I’m excited for it.

Current word count for Struggles of a Modern Vampire: 39,239/50,000!

Until I smack Werp again,

Andrew Ronzino, Level 6 Warlock (who pretends to be a Sorcerer)


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