A shift is needed…


Things have been going good in the world of writing for NaNoWroMo this year.  I’ve been getting a lot of good written done lately.  I wanted to get some extra words in today because I am unsure of how much time I will have to write tomorrow, what with work, and friends coming over to play D&D.  #nerdlife.

I got into a really intense scene today that started with my main character, Matt, sleeping in a dumpster, and ending with a possible lead to his innocence.  You see, a lot of people, including a vampire hunter, thinks that Matt is a killer vampire, a vampire who kills humans when they drink all of their blood.  Vampires don’t kill people in the modern world, they drink what they need, and do what they can to keep the humans safe and healthy.  A killer vampire gives into blood lust and drinks all of a person’s blood.  Killer vampires are not liked by pretty much anyone, and hunters will go after them.

Matt has a hunter after him.  But now he may have a way to prove he’s not the killer.  Exciting.

Well, I’m tired.  Have a good night, all!

Current word count for Struggles of a Modern Vampire: 36,400/50,000!

Until tomorrow night,

Andrew Ronzino, Battle Dancing Unicorn with Glitter


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 11: The Killer Vampire" (3)

  1. Congrats on the word count. Are your vampires fairly classic constructs or have they got modern twists and blown stereotypes?

    • A mixture of both. Some things are classic vampire, and others are a fun little twist. Like garlic does not repel vampires, but if they eat it, they get food poisoning. ;-)

      • I’ve always thought it would be funny if the garlic thing was a rumor spread by vampires who like the taste better in people who eat it…like they miss being able to eat pizza. So garlic blood is the next best thing. Human marinara so to speak.

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