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One Word for 2016: Strive

Happy New Year, everyone!

For the last several years instead of choosing a New Year’s resolution that’s hard to keep, I’ve been choosing One Word to live by for 365 days (or 366 days, as this is a leap year).  This year, I’ve chosen:

OneWord365 - 2016 - Strive


Strive to be a better person.  Strive to be a better writer.  Strive to take chances and try new things.  Strive to get out of my comfort zone.  Strive to live for God every day.  Strive to make some changes in my life.  Strive to get a novel published and/or work on new writing projects.  Strive to live life, instead of watching others live it without me.  Strive to be more than I can be.

Striving isn’t always easy.  I may need encouragement and a helping hand along the way.  As I get older, the more I see that I can’t do everything alone.

Strive to help.  Strive to heal.  Strive to learn.

Once we stop striving, we stop living life and reaching for more.  Continue to strive.

2015 was a year of change for me.  Now that change has happened.  It’s time to STRIVE!

* * *

This blog was written in connection with OneWord365.com.  Check it out.  Forget New Year’s resolutions, just choose one word.



Comments on: "One Word for 2016: Strive" (4)

  1. Love it, Bean! Cheering you on!

  2. I applaud all of your goals, but I am exhausted by the prospect of that much expectation. I believe it is your youth that makes such grand gestures not only believable but also achievable. By the way, were you assigned the word ‘Strive’ or did you choose it yourself?

  3. […] was a year of striving for me, but in 2017, I’m going onward!  Adventure […]

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