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NaNoWriMo Jounrnal 2015

Today I hit 90,000 words!  This is the longest NaNoWriMo novel I’ve written yet!  Very exciting!

Well, I didn’t finish today, but the good news is that I have only one more small scene to write, an epilogue.  Tomorrow I will complete this year’s challenge!  Because I didn’t finish tonight, I’ll be posting the stats tomorrow, and today I’ll give you the final excerpt to read.  You can read the other three of this year’s excerpts by clicking the following links:

Excerpt one, excerpt two, and excerpt three!

Once again, please keep in mind that this is a vomit draft.  The only editing I have done to it was a simple check over to make sure it was readable.  I’m not going to give you the context of this scene, I believe it explains itself within.  Enjoy.

Symon had to control his emotions. He was joyful to be seeing her again, but blended in with that happiness was the knot of despair knowing that she was going to die in less than half an hour. Tears started to roll down his face.

He was struggling. He knew what he wanted to do, but he also knew that it would change everything. If he stopped her from going to the Mayor’s Lodge, she would not die. The Priest of Tears would raid the town, kill several people, and leave with the Mercy Blade. There would be a commotion, but by this time tomorrow, Symon and Beth would wed. He would never have the need for revenge that drove him to Kalvyn’s Crossing. He would never find a way to get into the Crown Masquerade, meet the king, and becoming the Mythic Cleric that would build a team that would lead to the downfall of the Priest of Tears. In short, if he stopped Beth from dying, the Priest of Tears would succeed in his plan.

But if he succeeded, Symon thought, he would never become the Priest of Tears and all those people will live, including Beth.

But that line of thought progressed to why the Five Divines chose him for this task in the first place. They obviously knew that something in the Arnyth’s plan would end up creating more problems than stopping him would. Symon had to trust the Five on that account. The Priest of Tears needed to be stopped. Symon had to be the one to do it, and the only way to set him on that path was the death of Beth.

But now that he was here seeing her walking down the street, he didn’t know if he could just let her go. While he wanted to be thankful for the opportunity of becoming a Mythic Cleric, the price for that was Beth’s life. He already paid it once, but now he had the chance to withdraw the transaction. He wanted Beth back. He had an opportunity to prevent her from dying, he needed to take it.

He stepped out of the shadows and followed her until he got closer to her. “Beth!” he called out.

She turned to him. “Symon?”

He had to keep in mind that from her perspective she just saw him moments ago, but be couldn’t keep his excitement out of his voice. “I uh…”

“Are you wearing a different shirt?” Beth said, eyeing him up and down. “Did Jey vomit on you again?”

Instead of trying to answer her question in ways he couldn’t explain he stepped up to her and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back with equal passion.

“You’re drunker than I thought,” she said when they broke off. “Maybe I should have had Culder take you home right now.”

“I’m more sober than I’ve ever been.”

She laughed. “That’s rich. I’ll remember you said that tomorrow when you complain about the hangover. I’ve got to go.” She turned to leave.

He grabbed her hand. “Don’t go, stay with me tonight.”

She looked back at him and gave him a tempting smile. “I’m sure you can wait one night, my love.”

“I don’t want to lose you, Beth.”

She arched an eyebrow. “I’m just taking care of a few things with Ellyn tonight. It won’t take long. I’ll see you in the morning.” She kissed him again. “Go have fun with your friends.”

Symon looked into her eyes, he wanted to hold her in his arms and never let go of her ever again. He wanted to steal her away, out of the line of danger. But if he did, he would have her, and countless people would still die, and time as he knew it could change forever.

The Five Divines chose him. They told him that themselves. His suffering spurred him into action, sent him to look for the Priest of Tears. He killed the Arnyth only an hour ago, and he was already abusing the power of the Mythic Blades in the same way…for the exact same reason. He even killed people to get them, granted it wasn’t murder, but still. That bloodshed lead to Symon merging with all five Mythic Blades, which allowed him to travel to his past and attempt to prevent the death of a loved one. He was just like the Priest of Tears.

That realization struck him cold. He needed to be the better man. He swore an oath to the Order of Faith and Honor; he was a Mythic Cleric. He needed to be the one to let go. He dropped her hand and gave her a tight hug, crying now. “I love you, Beth. I’ll always love you.”

“I love you too, Symon.”

He pulled away, and she reached up and wiped the tears away. “Look at you, you’re acting like a girl who was told she can’t court her first crush. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Symon let her go and watched her walk away, she turned to look back at him and blew him a kiss. His heart hurt, he would never see her again…she was going to die.

-Excerpt from The Priest of Tears; Chapter 33, by Andrew Ronzino

This is honestly one of my favorite scenes in the story.  Symon is literally letting Beth walk to her death.  It’s very touching.  I remember feeling a little emotional when I wrote it.

Current word count for The Priest of Tears: 90,759/50,000!

Until tomorrow,

Andrew Ronzino, Man of Mystery


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