A shift is needed…

NaNoWriMo Jounrnal 2015

I have some great news.  Today, I hit 80,000 words!  There’s a good chance that this year’s novel will overtake last year’s project as my longest NaNoWriMo novel.  Kind of exciting if you ask me.

Throughout this journal, you’ve heard me refer to the Mythic Blades.  What are they?  They’re what N.K. Jemisin would call the “Element X” of the story.  It’s the thing in the world that makes it unique and give the characters an edge.

My story is a low fantasy.  There are no elves, dwarves, or any other common fantasyesque creatures.  The world resembles Earth in many aspects with some subtle differences in the flora and fauna, oh, and the sky is green.  There’s also no magic…let me rephrase that, there’s very little magic.  There’s no wizards or witches or sorcerers casting spells, or any other form of a magic system.  All the magic in the world is contained in five swords known as the Mythic Blades.

The five swords are known as the Mercy Blade, the Banish Blade, the Wind Blade, the Honor Blade, and the Divine Blade.  Each sword had a unique look to it, but otherwise functions the same.

The Mercy Blade has a blood red blade and a pure white hilt.  The Banish Blade is pure black, blade and hilt.  The Divine Blade is pure white, blade and hilt.  The Wind Blade is only a sand colored hilt, the blade is unseen.  And the Honor Blade is a golden blade and a silver hilt.

No one knows exactly where the Mythic Blades came from or who made them.  The two reigning theories are that they were given to the world by the Five Divine Beings (the gods of this world) for reasons only they can fathom. The Hierocracy (this world’s version of the Vatican) has admitted that the Five Divines have never confirmed or denied their involvement with the ancient swords.  The other theory is that they were created by a magical energy at the dawn of time, and were hidden from the world until the time for them was needed.

Needless to say, no one knows exactly where they came from.  They are very powerful weapons, however only those who are worthy can make physical contact with them (this does not include getting cut by one).  If you are worthy of one Mythic Blade, you are worthy of all of them.  What makes someone worthy is still unknown.  The Mythic Blades will choose strong people, weak people, smart people, dumb people, old people, young people, good people, and bad people.  But if you are worthy of wielding one of them, you’re worthy of all of them.

The first time someone uses a Mythic Blade in combat, that person’s spirit will merge with the sword, and grant the user strength, speed, agility, faster healing, and heightened senses.  If someone merges with more than one of the Mythic Blades, their power grows exponentially (but this isn’t well known).

These Mythic Blades were used by the Mythic Clerics of old, but they disbanded over 2,000 years ago…until my main character, Symon DeMyn, comes long.  He becomes the Mythic Cleric who wields the Divine Blade.

I love these swords.  The Priest of Tears wouldn’t be what it is without them.

Current word count for The Priest of Tears: 81,189/50,000!

Until the ‘morrow,

Andrew Ronzino, Mythic Cleric


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