A shift is needed…

What’s this?!  A post in November not related to NaNoWriMo?!  Yes, it’s true.

I wanted to tell everyone about a game I’m backing on Kickstarter and it needs your help!  It’s a surfing themed board game called Tavarua, created by Cody Miller of Far Off Games.


Tavarua is from the creator of Xia: Legends of a Drift System, which is one of my favorite board games.  I was lucky enough to help playtest Tavarua and give Cody my feedback on the game.  Now it’s on Kickstarter and it needs more backers to succeed.  It’s a surfing themed game with fast game play and fun mechanics.  This is the description of the game on Kickstarter:

 Tavarua is a competitive surfing board game for 1 to 6 players. You are a surfer, ready to ride the waves in a friendly competition to see who’s the best!

Choose a surfboard, paddle out and watch for the perfect wave to catch! Once you’re up and riding you’ll need to maintain your balance by performing tricks and watching the shifting water to keep from wiping out!

Each successful wave counts towards your score, but in the end, only one surfer will win the grand champion trophy!

In this game you’re a surfer trying to catch, ride, and do tricks on the perfect wave!  You have two different surfboards to choose from that affect your riding in different ways, you can earn Stoke and Toes tokens, which help you ride the wave and add points to your final score.  You can even come across barrel waves, and possibly earn Barrel tokens, which offer you even more points.  In the end there’s a short board champion, a long board champion, and a grand champion.

The card and cover illustrations for Tavarua is being done by John Ariosa (“Mice and Mystics”, “Summoner Wars”, “Tail Feathers” etc.)www.johnariosa.com

Tavarua Girl

Tavarua Guy

The graphic design is being done by Mr. Cuddington (“Steampunk Rally”, “Super Motherload” etc.)! mrcuddington.com

Tavarua Tokens

I’m backing this game because I believe in Cody Miller and Far Off Games.  Xia is still one of my favorite board games, and after playtesting Tavarua, I know that it’s also a great game that is fun to play!  The more people who back this project the higher the chance that it will fund and become a reality!  If you liked Xia, or if you love surfing, or if you love board games in general, please consider backing Tavarua!

Click this link if you’d like to check out the Tavarua Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1438045410/tavarua

I have created an image that can be used for Facebook Cover Photos to generate more excitement for Tavarua.  Feel free to use it on your own Facebook page, it’s designed with your profile picture in mind:

Kickstarter - Tavarua

Until my next normal NaNoWriMo journal entry, keep it real!


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  1. Far Off Games said:

    Awesome write up Andrew!! :)

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