A shift is needed…

NaNoWriMo Jounrnal 2015

Hello, readers!  I hope you’ve had a good day.  I had to leave my apartment today because maintenance wanted to do some work on it, so I did a lot of my writing from the Barnes & Noble café.  While I was at the mall, I saw The Peanuts Movie.  It was great, it felt like one of the old Peanuts specials.  Very cool.

But you’re not here to read about movies and where I wrote from today.  So, I’ll give you some information about my novel.  So far, I’ve shared the plot of the story, introduced you to Symon DeMyn, and gave you the first and second excerpts, but now it’s time to introduce you to the villain for this year’s NaNoWriMo novel!

Meet the Priest of Tears, the primary antagonist of The Priest of Tears.

Meet the Priest of Tears

Name: Unknown

Nickname: Priest of Tears

Age: Around 50 or 60

Hair: Thick, long, black hair

Skin: Pale

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite Music: Church bells

Food: Fruit

Likes: Swordplay, his quest, peace, fine food

Dislikes: Killing, having too much money, fire

Most prized possession: The Mercy Blade

Why?: A lot of people had to die so he could obtain it, and it’s the first Mythic Blade he was able to find

Personality flaws: His focus on his quest is so narrow that he fails to see anything else

Personality strengths: His resolve

When he was a boy, the Priest of Tears was a part of a trading caravan. One day, in winter, when the Priest was only eight years old, their caravan was attacked by a large group of bandits who robbed them, and started to slaughter his friends and family. In the process, the Priest fell into the embers of the campfire and the left side of his face was horribly burned. He fell unconscious after stuffing his face into the snow. He was the only one left alive after the incident, and it was mostly because the robbers were sloppy and didn’t check everyone.

The Priest’s life went downhill from there. Everywhere he went, people died. He joined a workhouse that burned down, killing most of the children inside.  When he was old enough he joined the Arnyth priesthood, which is the Order of Faith that specializes in war priests.  He never gave anyone his real name, so he became known as the Priest of Tears because of how emotional he was and how often he would cry.  He started to wear a mask over the left side of his face to hide the burn scars, a mask with tears etched into it.  After some time, his convent was destroyed in a war, killing most of the Arnyths.  He had to be moved to a new Arnyth convent.  All of these events left the Priest of Tears to wonder if he was cursed. He wanted a way to turn back the clock, to make his life go in a different direction, and save his family from death.

Once he learned that the Mythic Blades were capable of great power, he began searching for them. But people kept getting in his way, so he killed them.  He knows that if one man has all five Mythic Blades, he could possibly control time itself.  So he began to do whatever it took to get those swords, even if it meant killing people.  He killed anyone in his way, crying and begging for forgiveness as he did so, establishing the name, Priest of Tears, in the greater world.

* * *

The information provided hasn’t even been revealed yet in the story.  The Priest of Tears’ motives for doing what he’s doing have yet come into play.  He’s an awesome bad guy.  I like him!

Current word count for The Priest of Tears: 57,795/50,000!

Until my fingers next touch the keyboard,

Andrew Ronzino, Level 5 Paladin


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