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NaNoWriMo Jounrnal 2015

Today was a great day for writing.  I got a lot done!  But more than that, I was able to add a whole bunch of stuff that I never expected.  Scenes with unplanned characters, in unplanned settings talking about unplanned situations.  As I said before, the timeline of events for this story had some holes in it, and it needed more fleshing out.  Well, I’m doing that as I’m writing.

I’m not saying its all fantastic, I’m sure I’ll end up changing, adding, and removing a lot of this when I take the red editing pen to it.  But that’s the joy of writing, the fact that you’re creating something.  As you write it and craft it, it grows and changes and becomes alive!  I love it!

On that note, I would like to share a small excerpt of my novel this year.  This will give you a window into what the story is looking like, and prove that I’m not just writing “Idon’tknow” 50,000 times.  Please keep in mind that this is what I like to call a “vomit draft”.  NaNoWriMo is a challenge to write a minimum of 50,000 words in 30 days.  Because of the constraints on time, this story is being written fast with (next to) no editing.  The only editing I’ve done to this excerpt is enough to make it readable.  Proper editing will come later when I’m not pressed for time.   So, here is the first excerpt.  Please enjoy, and let me know what you think of it!

“Symon, don’t you think you should slow down? The last thing you want is a hangover tomorrow,” Eryc said with a slur. He was a pale man with bright red hair, and small hands; the hands of a man who worked with delicate ceramics.

Symon brushed off his friend’s warning. “You’ve seen me drink far more than this, my friend, I was fine the next day.”

“That may be,” Lantry said, his booming voice and dark skin made him stand out in almost any crowd. There weren’t many people from Fyld in Tiddleway Village. He was a carpenter by trade, and a heavy drinker by night. “But you have to admit that tomorrow would not be the best time to test the Five Divines.”

Symon’s response was to keep drinking from his stein, though much slower this time. “I’m getting married tomorrow, Lantry. Let me have one last night to get so drunk I can’t walk straight.”

“Knowing you,” Tensa said with a smile, “a marriage band will not stop you from drinking, Symon.” He was the oldest man in the group, but by far the stupidest man Symon ever met. Tensa remained in their circle of friends out of pity mostly. They were able to keep him out of most kinds of trouble.

Symon brushed him off too. “I’ll be fine.”

The other men were in differing states of inebriation. Small Sal, who was anything but small was already half asleep. That man could down drinks faster than Symon thought humanly possible. Jey was passed out in his chair, someone would have to take him home, and it wouldn’t be Symon, not again. Culder wasn’t drunk at all, being a priest of the Five, he refrained from consuming alcohol at all times. He was drinking boring old water. The only reason he was even at the Happy Nightwacher was to celebrate with Symon. They had been friends since childhood.

“Marriage is worth it,” Lantry said. Of the seven of them, he was the only one who was married. Culder was too focused on his duty to the Five Divines, and everyone else was too immature to find a woman to settle down with. “It will bring you joys like you cannot imagine. Sarawrro?

Symon nodded. “Oh, I understand, Lantry. I can hear you loud and clear. I’m excited for tomorrow, but I’d rather be here at the moment with all of you.”

The doors to the Happy Nightwatcher opened and a small, fair woman walked in. Her mousy brown hair had a single strand of blue braided into the rest of the braids that fell across her shoulder. She walked over to Symon’s table and took the stein out of his hand and downed the drink.

“That was mine!” he protested.

“Everything you have will be mine tomorrow, my love,” Beth said.

“That’s one other reason why I love Beth, friends,” Symon said with a half-drunken smile. “She’s more than willing to throw back a stein with me.

The men cheered and raised their steins before drinking to Beth’s health.

Beth smiled and raised the now empty stein in reply. “Thank you, boys. Sy, don’t drink too much, you hear me? I want you to have your full wits about you when I take your name.”

“Beth DeMyn,” Symon said before taking her hand and kissing it. “I love the sound of that.”

“Yes, me too. That’s why I want to take it tomorrow, but I can’t do that if you’re in Trendor’s trench tomorrow hungover and unable to walk. Go home and get some sleep.”

“I’m celebrating.  Besides, what are you doing in town? I thought you were offering up your sabbatical prayers to the Five tonight?”

Culder smiled. “I’m glad you chose to do that, Beth. ‘The righteous will endure.’”

“What did I say about quoting scripture, Culder?” Tensa said with a frown.

Beth ignored them both. “Mayor Ellyn called me in. She needed some paperwork done for her, and it couldn’t wait.”

“On our wedding eve?” Symon said, not bothering to hide his annoyance. Beth was Mayor Ellyn’s personal assistant, which often required her to work odd hours.

“Ellyn was deeply sorry, but she assured me that this won’t take long. I’ll be at the lodge for a few hours. Go home, Symon. Get some sleep.”

“Okay, okay.”

Beth crossed her arms. “Culder?”

“I’ll see that he gets home soon, Beth,” the priest said with a nod.

“Thank you.” She kissed Symon and ignored Eryc’s cat call whistle. She left the tavern without another word.

“Haynk! Where’s that other round?” Symon yelled across the room.

-Excerpt from The Priest of Tears; Chapter 1, by Andrew Ronzino

There it is!  I hope you like it.  This was a fun bit of dialogue to write.

Current word count for The Priest of Tears: 14,528/50,000!

Until next time,

Andrew Ronzino, A Guy With a Made-Up Title


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