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NaNoWriMo Jounrnal 2014

Good evening!  It was a fine day for writing, and I believe that it’s time for another character change progression.  Since this is the third novel in a trilogy, and there are no new main characters to introduce, I’m showing how the established characters have changed over the three novels.  Enjoy!

Tanya Stentov (Secondary Protagonist):

Tanya Stentov is a Russian clockwork engineer and daughter of Nikolai Stentov, the founder and owner of Stentov Engineering, which is the direct rival of Deus Clockwork.  If you wish to read her introduction from my 2012 NaNoWriMo journal, click here.

Deus Ex Machina

In Deus Ex Machina, Tanya Stentov is a 23-year-old clockwork engineer who works for her father at Stentov Engineering.  She reunites with Saul and meets Xandria when they come to Moscow on the request of her father, Nikolai Stentov.  Tanya had met Saul when him and his father had come to Russia to discuss business with Nikolai.  She was thirteen and Saul was fifteen at the time.  The Deus’ spent a month with her family.  She developed a crush on him but she was too afraid to tell him how she felt.  When he left, it would be ten years before she would meet him again, only to find that the feelings were resurfacing.  But she saw how Saul and Xandria were in love with each other but kept missing each other’s signals, so she figured maybe this was her chance with him.

She learned of Saul and Xandria’s quest to figure out if Saul’s father, George Deus, was  making a True Automaton for the king of England.  She joined them on their journey as an official representative of Stentov Engineering.  When Saul and Xandria were taken by the Black Cats, she was able to get the police to help.  She was with them when they found the secret workroom under the clockwork stairwell in Deus Clockwork and found the True Automaton.  In the process, she realized that Saul and Xandria were perfect for each other and decided to back off.

The Clockwork Heartbeat

In The Clockwork Heartbeat, Tanya had returned to Russia to inform her father of the status of George Deus’ work, and that they had found the shell of the True Automaton.  But the thing that was missing was a heart.  So, as she was in Russia, Saul was going to track down Dr. Jim Kleverland.

When she flew back to New York, Saul is waiting for Jim to arrive with the clockwork heart.  Saul promises Tanya that the Stentov name will be announced when they take the knowledge of the True Automaton public…if it works that is, because of Stentov’s contributions to it.  Tanya is a little upset when she learns that Saul and Xandria are a couple now.  She can’t seem to let her feelings for him go.

Together, Tanya, along with Klverland, Saul, and Jill, test the True Automaton and deem him alive.  Jill then names him Sam.  Tanya’s status as a clockwork engineer holding weight along with the testimony of Saul and Jim, with Jill and Xandria serving as witnesses.

After Saul’s fight with Kleverland and Sam is taken, Tanya get’s word that her father was murdered by Black Cats for not supplying Germany with war mechs, but are, instead, giving them to England.  She needs to fly back to Russia to bury him and take over the business.

True Automaton

In True Automaton, the Great War has begun, and Tanya is being threatened as her father was.  She decides to close the base of Stentov Engineering and move to the United States and run the company from there, at least until the war is over.  Xandria offers for Tanya to stay with her until Saul and her are married.

She still struggles with her feelings for Saul, she wants him for herself, but likes Xandria too much to try and move in on her man.  But then Jill goes missing.  She helps Saul and Xandria to try to find her, and they have no luck.  Once they find out that Jill is in Germany being held as a prisoner of war, and Saul and Xandria decide to help rescue her, she agrees to join them.

They flew to England, where King George V helps them sneak into Germany by jumped out of an airplane.  Shortly after, they’re captured, and are taken to a German camp where they’re prisoners of war and treated like animals.  Her and Xandria didn’t see Saul for weeks, and just as she was about to lose hope they were rescued by Sam Deus, the True Automaton, on the orders of Jill and Saul.  During their escape, Jill and Xandria are shot by Jim Kleverland, but live.

When they make it back to the States, she decided to finally let Saul go.  She also decided to leave the running of the business of Stentov Engineering to someone else so she can focus on her first love, clockwork, so that she can make a name for herself.



There ya go!  Like the others, I kept some of the stuff in the third summery vague because I’m not finished writing it yet.  I wanted you to see some of the development of Tanya Stentov.  I hope you enjoyed it.  There’s only one more left, Jim Kleverland, so expect that sometime soon.

Current word count for True Automaton: 78,318/50,000!

Until the morning sun rises,

Andrew Ronzino, A Monkey’s Uncle


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