A shift is needed…

NaNoWriMo Jounrnal 2014

Good evening.  I’m almost there!  Almost at 50,000 words.  I should (God willing) hit the mark tomorrow.  So, be looking for great news in my next post.

Today I was working on a particularly difficult scene.  The words were coming, but how to express everything I wanted to say was difficult.  It’s a scene involving my protagonist, Saul, locked away as a prisoner of war.  He’s being abused, starved, sleep deprived, and kept in disgusting living conditions, all so that the Germans can break him…and it’s starting to work.  He’s worried for his fiancé, Xandria, who is a prisoner in the same place, but he hasn’t seen her at all.  He also knows that he’s in the encampment where he needed to rescue Jill and Sam from, and to top it all off, he knows that Jim Kleverland is there as well.  But he’s seen none of them. 

He’s emotionally and physically exhausted, he’s starting to get ill from the poor treatment and living in his own filth.  As the author, I know things are going to go back up eventually, but for now, Saul’s walls are starting to crack.  I don’t know if he’ll escape before or after he breaks, we’ll see where the story goes.

All I know is that I hate putting Saul through all of that, I feel so bad for him.  It’s been a difficult scene to write.

Current word count for True Automaton: 48,045/50,000!

Until I win…hopefully,

Andrew Ronzino, An Exhausted Guy


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