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NaNoWriMo Jounrnal 2014

To start, I have some more good news.  I reached and surpassed 25,000 words!  This means that I’m officially beyond the halfway point of the challenge.  I’m so excited.  I was able to get a huge chunk of writing done today after I got home from church.  It’s pretty great.

Now, I have another character change progression to show you.  With this being the third novel in a trilogy, and there are no new main characters to introduce you to, so instead, I’m showing you how the established changed over the course of the story.  Enjoy!

Alexandria “Xandria” Jopp (Secondary Protagonist):

Xandria Jopp is the is primary love interest of the story’s protagonist, Saul.  She is right there with Saul for most of the story, as well as providing the romantic bits.  If you wish to read her introduction from my 2012 NaNoWriMo journal, click here.

Deus Ex Machina

In Deus Ex Machina, Xandria Jopp has been divorced for a little over a year.  Marrying Kennith had been the biggest mistake of her life.  Her marriage came to an end when she caught her husband in bed with another woman.  Though the divorce and the aftermath, her childhood best friend, Saul Deus was there for her to help her pick up the pieces of her life.  She’s a school teacher by trade, and a tomboy at heart.

When she was a girl, her home and the Deus’ home (the Clockwork House) were close by each other.  They had quickly become best friends.  As she got older, her friendship with Saul bloomed into a crush, then into love.  She always wanted to tell Saul how she felt, but thought he didn’t feel the same way, so she kept it to herself.  When Saul left for college to become a licensed clockwork engineer, she decided to let him go.  She met and married Kennith, and asked Saul to be her Man of Honor.  He agreed, but told her she was making a mistake by marrying Kennith.  She didn’t heed his warning.

Now that some time had passed, she began to notice the old feelings for Saul were returning.  She realized that she was still in love with him, but continued to fear he didn’t feel the same way.  She joined him on his journey to find out what his father had been doing in secret.  She was even able to get him onto a aeronautical (zeppelin), which had always been his biggest fear.  As their adventure became more serious, the more she wanted to tell him about her love for him.  She was just as excited as Saul was when they find the True Automaton in the secret work room under Deus Clockwork.

The Clockwork Heartbeat

In The Clockwork Heartbeat, Xandria and Saul’s friendship was still only platonic, which upset her.  She wanted to be more than just a friend to Saul.  She hoped that he felt the same way about her.  She has been thinking about going back to teaching, and Saul was trying to find the final piece of the puzzle for the True Automaton, a clockwork heart. She was surprised when Jill Trueheart, a serving girl from an aeronautical they flew on, arrived to ask Saul to train her in clockwork.  After testing her, Saul agreed.

Around that time, Saul invited her to dinner, where he admitted that he had been in love with her since they were young, and so Xan told him that she felt the same.  They kissed for the first time and officially became a couple.

Jim Kleverland showed up in New York, and he had the heart that could help them power the Automaton up.  Together, Saul, Xandria, Tanya, Jill, and Jim all deemed it alive and named him Sam.  But then everything went wrong.  She accompanied Saul to Boston where he had to drop off a grandfather clock, and there they found out that Kleverland was under suspicion of being connected to the Germans.  Saul and Xandria pieced together that Kleverland was going to take Sam, and that Jill was in danger because of it.  They arrived in time, but Saul’s sword fight with Kleverland left him without a hand, except for the clockwork one Kleverland replaced it with, and he took Sam.

Saul fell into a deep depression, but though her love and help, she was able to get him out of it.  He asked her to marry him, and she said yes.

True Automaton

In True Automaton, the Great War has begun, but Xandria is planning a wedding.  This time she would be marring Saul, a man she’s loved since she was old enough to love.  Saul still struggles with his clockwork hand, but between her and Jill, he’s making it though.  As he works on trying to make his own True Automaton, Xandria is busy getting things ready for the wedding in the spring, she even asked Jill to be a bridesmaid.  But everything is turned upside down when Jill goes missing, and Saul becomes obsessed with finding her.


There ya go! Again, just like last time, I kept some of the stuff in the third summery vague because it’s not done yet.  I wanted you to give you a taste of the development of Xandria Jopp.  I hope you liked it.

That’s about all I’ve got for tonight.

Current word count for True Automaton: 28,020/50,000!

Until the next night falls,

Andrew Ronzino, A Rock’em Sock’em Robot


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