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NaNoWriMo Jounrnal 2014

Normally, around this time in the journal, I’d introduce you to a character in the story.  Because this is the final book of a trilogy, all of the main characters have already been well established and were introduced to you in past years.  No new ones have been added this year, nor do I plan on adding any.  So, instead of introducing new characters, I’ll periodically update you on what’s changed about the characters over the course of the three novels.  Enjoy!

Saul Deus (Primary Protagonist):

Saul Deus is the main character of the story.  Even though there are several point of view characters, the story is about him.  If you wish to read his introduction from my 2012 NaNoWriMo journal, click here.

Deus Ex Machina

In Deus Ex Machina, Saul was a brilliant clockwork engineer who was made aware that his long dead father may have been working on something for the British in secret.  This spawned a world-wide search for the truth.  The truth ended up being that his father was trying to create the world’s first True Automaton, a living clockwork man.  Through the course of the novel, he had to face his fear of flying on an aeronautical, and come to terms the fact that he was in love with his best friend, Xandria Jopp, and had been since they were young.  Through the search for the truth of his father’s work, Saul was taken by the Black Cats (an underground German cell), and was shot in the arm during the escape.

His search lead him from Russia, to England, then back to America, where he found that his father had hid his True Automaton in a secret work room under the clockwork stairwell in his store, Deus Clockwork.  George Deus was making it for the British because of a war that was brewing.  However, he canceled the commission after realizing what giving the British the Automaton would lead to.  After finding it, Saul realized that all the True Automaton was missing in order to function, was power, and that could be supplied by a clockwork heart.

The Clockwork Heartbeat

In The Clockwork Heartbeat, Saul knew he had to contact the man his father commissioned to create the clockwork heart that could possibly bring the True Automaton to life, Dr. Jim Kleverland.  Meanwhile, Jill Trueheart, a severing girl he met on the the aeronautical to England in the previous novel, came to apprentice under Saul and learn how to make clockwork.  Saul, knowing the girl had “the clockwork heartbeat” (an natural talent for clockwork), took her under his wing to train her.  Meanwhile, Saul contacted Jim Kleverland, and convinced him to bring the heart his father commissioned to New York.  Kleverland agreed, and together, Saul, Kleverland, Xandria, Tanya, and Jill all watched as the True Automaton came to life.  Though proper testing, all five of them deemed the clockwork man was, indeed, the world’s first True Automaton and named him Sam Deus.  In the middle of all this, Saul and Xandria finally admit their love for each other and became a couple.

Soon, Saul and Xandria figured out that Jim Kleverland was a traitor to his country, and was working in secret for the Germans.  Kleverland took Sam Deus and when Saul tried to stop him, Kleverland cut Saul’s left hand off and replaced it with a clockwork, steam powered hand.  Saul, unable to cope with the loss of Sam and his hand, and finding it hard to get used to the false hand, entered into a heavy, alcoholic depression.  Only when Xandria confronted him did he begin to snap out of it.  He asked Xandria to marry him, and vowed that he would find Kleverland and get Sam back.  The novel ended with Saul making a deal with the King of England that he would make a True Automaton for the British to fight the Germans once the war began, so long as the English found and returned Sam to him.

True Automaton

In True Automaton, the Great War has begun.  Safe in America, Saul is still struggling to cope with the loss of his hand, but he’s learning how to control it.  He’s planning a wedding with Xandria, and training Jill how to make clockwork.  But Sam Deus is still in the hands of the Germans, and Saul is waiting to hear good news from England.  But things are about to change, Saul will need to go to Germany and get Sam back himself, while rescuing someone he cares about, someone who was taken by the Germans and Dr. Jim Kleverland, to help train Sam to fight in a war.


There you have it!  Obviously I kept some of the stuff in the third summery vague because it’s not all written yet, and things may change (you never know what characters will do sometimes).  I just wanted you to give you a taste of the development of Saul Deus.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll add one of these for each of the point of view characters, Xandria, Jill, Tanya, and Jim.

Current word count for True Automaton: 18,168/50,000!

Until the next entry,

Andrew Ronzino, Writer of Men


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