A shift is needed…

What Does the Grinch Say?

For the past three years, my church has had a production called “How Christmas Saved the Grinch”, and I was in the main cast as the Mayor of Whoville.

Mayor and Grinch

I’m the guy in purple.

It was a pretty big hit, and thousands upon thousands of people came to see it over the course of it’s three year run.  This past Christmas season was the last time we preformed the show; it’s been retired, and we will be doing something else this upcoming Christmas.

During the off time between performances, my friend, Andrew Blauwkamp (who played Lou Who, Cindy Lou’s father) and I, filmed a music video.  That music video was a parody of “The Fox” by Ylvis.  A few months before the performance, I thought to myself that maybe I could write up a parody of “The Fox” using Grinch themes.  So I set out to write it.  We recorded the audio for it, then got Jason Dornbos (who played the Grinch) to complain about us being in his cave and singing.  It turned out pretty good.  We filmed the video between performances, when all of us had our costumes and makeup on.  With the help of Doug Remtema of Sonlight Films behind the camera, we filmed the whole thing in under two hours.  Doug worked on editing it all together, and we revealed it last night at our cast party.

Andrew Blauwkamp and I have a channel on YouTube called AA Batteries where we upload stuff for fun, some are reviews, and some are just silly videos.  So we posted it to our channel and are sharing it with everyone!  So please enjoy “What Does the Grinch Say?“, and share it with everyone you know!


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