A shift is needed…

NaNo Journal 2013 copy

War.  War never changes.

Sorry, I had to quote Fallout.

In the story world I’ve set up in Deus Ex Machina and The Clockwork Heartbeat, war is coming   Essentially it’s World War I that’s brewing, but it hasn’t started just yet.  There are two major sides in the impending war, and they both want the same thing, a True Automaton.  Tonight, I want to tell you about the two sides.

Germany – The Black Cats

Germany wants the world, and they are willing to do anything to obtain it.  They have allies, and they have the power, but they need an edge.  They want a True Automaton as a super soldier and as a model to create more.  A super army they can use to take over the world (of course!).  The Germans have underground cells of operatives all over the world spying and keeping an eye on things, the Black Cats.  I talked about them last year, so I won’t go into great detail about them.  Needless to say, the Black Cats paid Jim Kleverland to keep an eye on things in the clockwork community, just in case a True Automaton ever crept up.  Though he’s in their pay, he’s not directly a Black Cat.  But when he betrays Saul and the others and takes Sam, his true colors is seen and he is known as a traitor to the United States.  Now the Germans have a True Automaton, and they are ready to start the war.

England – Wittman & Eastwin

England had known about the impending war for over ten years, they knew that Germany was looking for a True Automaton to help them conquer.  So they decided to have one made.  The king of England contacted George Deus, who he considered to be the greatest clockwork engineer in the world, to commission him to build one so they could defend themselves.  Halfway though the project, Mr. Deus canceled the commission for personal reasons, that included not wanting his greatest creation being used as a war machine.  But then he passed away, and Saul took over the business.  The new king of England still wants the Automaton, so the whole plot of the first novel took place.  Wittman and Eastwin are the king’s representatives who came to America to convince Saul to give up everything he had of his father’s work on the True Automaton.  I have also talked about them last year.  Wittman and Eastwin are about to bring someone to Saul who will make a deal with him to secure the True Automaton for England if they get Sam back from the Germans, but more on that later.

War is brewing and Saul is caught in the middle.  We shall see how this plays out.

Current word count for The Clockwork Heartbeat: 69,750/50,000!

Until the war begins,

Andrew Ronzino, The Dark Knight


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