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NaNo Journal 2013 copy

Tonight I started to write the climax of the story, and it involves swords.  I like writing sword fights, they’re a lot of fun.  I’m not too sure if I’m good at writing sword fights, but they’re joy to play out on paper.  Normally if I’m writing a sword fight, it involves two experts for the most part, so it’s easy to write out a long, exciting fight.  However, this time I wrote a fight between an expert and someone whose idea of a sword fight came from a 1920’s silent Zorro film.

It made the fight short and not all that exciting.  The expert (Kleverland) made quick work of the amateur (Saul), and caused some real, irreparable damage.  Saul’s left hand was cut off.  This will seriously effect the rest of his life as his work requires the deftness of his hands.

So I left off today with Saul passing out due to blood loss with Kleverland promising him that he won’t let Saul die.  He, being a doctor, doesn’t want anyone, even his enemies to die.  However, he has no problem helping the Germans start a war, all because he thinks that war will heal the world.

The repercussions of the fight will be a lot of fun to write.  I’ll keep you posted on things.

Current word count for The Clockwork Heartbeat: 60,365/50,000!

Until we meet again,

Andrew Ronzino, AKA Zorro

P.S.  Okay, we all know that John Stamos is the real Zorro.

Stamos Zorro copy


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 20: The Sword Fight" (1)

  1. I am writing my climax as well! I am nervous about writing it well, but that’s what NaNo is for, right? Throwing out your inhibitions and just going for it. You can always leave it alone for a few weeks and come back to it when you are finished with November to flesh it out! But depending on the situation, it might not need to be too long.

    John Stamos is good writing inspiration haha.

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