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NaNoWriMo Day 16: Conflict

NaNo Journal 2013 copy


In my novel conflict is starting to rise.  There’s a war brewing, and my main characters just learned that Dr. Jim Kleverland may not be trustworthy, Sam might be stolen, and to top it all off, Jill Trueheart may be in real danger.  So, when I finished writing tonight, I left off with Saul and Xandria rushing back to New York to save Jill and stop Kleverland if they can.

Jim may be working for the Black Cats, an underground organization of German operatives located throughout the world.  The reason why he would be helping them is as yet unknown to Saul.  Saul thinks that Kleverland’s plan is to steal Sam and give him to the Germans to they can not only start, but win a great war that will ravage the world.

I finally reached the part of the novel where the climax starts, it will build and continue to grow until Saul is broken.  This story will not end on a happy note for Mr. Deus, that much I know already.

Conflict is fun to write.

Tomorrow I may take a break as I’ve reached 50,000 words, and I’m doing great on my story.  I would welcome a small break.

Current word count for The Clockwork Heartbeat: 51,785/50,000!

Until the morrow,

Andrew Ronzino, Firestarter


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