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NaNo Journal 2013 copy

So far, I have given you the plot and let you read the first and second excerpts.  You also got to meet one of the new characters, Jill Trueheart.  Now it’s time to meet the good doctor, Jim Kleverland.  He’s one of the new members of Saul’s group working on the True Automaton.

Meet Dr. Jim Kleverland, a secondary character of The Clockwork Heartbeat!

Meet Jim Kleverland

Name: James Brandon Kleverland

Nickname: Jim, Doc

Age: 45

Hair: Red, short, curly

Skin: Pale

Favorite color: Hazel

Favorite Music: None, he doesn’t listen to much music

Food: Steak

Likes: Medicine, clockwork, fame, himself, his children, brandy,

Dislikes: His ex-wife, when people don’t listen to him when he’s correct, Stentov Engineering, oranges, cherry pie

Most prized possession: His prize winning sword

Why?: He had it forged for himself after completing the clockwork heart

Personality flaws: Narcissist, will talk of his own accomplishments and put others down when he thinks they’re wrong, sarcastic

Personality strengths: Driven, never gives up, despite his love of himself, he does care about others and will help those in need

Dr. Jim Kleverland is considered to be the most brilliant doctor to have ever lived.  As a young man, Kleverland was inspired by George Deus’ work, and considered going into clockwork engineering, but in his early teens, his passion switched to medicine.  After becoming a doctor at the age of 25, he began to see how the world could benefit from mixing clockwork and medicine, so he went back to school and studied clockwork engineering at 27, then began to work on merging the two passions of his life.  He became the first man to create fully functional clockwork hands, arms, legs, feet, and even eyes.  Other doctors sat under him to learn the craft of medicinal clockwork.

At 34, only a few years after his fame began, his hero, George Deus, approached him with plans for a clockwork heart, thinking that Kleverland might be able to do it.  He completed the work, but Deus passed away before he could deliver the product.  So he holds onto it in hopes that it may serve as a replacement human heart someday, that is, until George Deus’ son, Saul Deus comes to collect the clockwork heart for a secret project.

* * *

Jim is one of the group, but little does Saul know that the good doctor has nefarious plans in mind.  Though not the overall bad guy (there really isn’t one, as the impending war is the real villain), he will eventually serve as Saul’s nemesis by the end of the story.

Current word count for The Clockwork Heartbeat: 37,035/50,000!

Until next time,

Andrew Ronzino, Fighter for the Free Men of Awesome


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 12: Meet Jim Kleverland" (2)

  1. This is easily my favorite Nano you have done. The world it is set in is compelling and the way you have woven the characters together is pretty sweet. Not that I didn’t like the Eight Dimensions book I edited, but to be boldly honest, the Deus story is far more unique and shows growth as a writer. Put Robobaby in there and you’ve got a publishable work! Or not… Robobaby just wants to be loved.

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