A shift is needed…

NaNo Journal 2013 copy

I’ll keep things short and sweet tonight.  I had this scene I was started to write, I had it all planed out in my timeline of events, but as I was writing it, I realized that I had no idea why I added the scene in the story.  It seemed to have no purpose at all.  However, I really liked the scene and I didn’t want to just cut it.  So I continued to write, and through writing it, I found a purpose for it.  I feel accomplished, and I’m excited to see where the events of this scene lead to now!

By the way, I saw Ender’s Game, a little reward for the word count.  It was a pretty flippin’ sweet movie.  I feel like it did the book justice.

Current word count for The Clockwork Heartbeat: 15,019/50,000!

Until tomorrow,

Andrew Ronzino, Speaker for the Dead


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