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NaNoWriMo Day 1: Sequel

NaNo Journal 2013 copy

It’s November, 2013, and NaNoWriMo has consumed me once again.  I found myself in the hour leading up to midnight chatting on Facebook with a friend, just waiting for the challenge to begin.  Normally I go to bed well before midnight because I have to be up for work at 5:30 AM, but this was NaNo, and I wanted to get a bit of a head start before bed and work.  So eventually my friend went to bed and I was left all alone waiting for the clock to strike midnight and the spell of writing to take effect.  When it did, I began to write.  I only meant to write a little bit, but I ended up writing until one in the morning, and I got my daily quota done in that one hour.  I went to bed satisfied.

But let me tell you…I paid for it.  I was so tired at work.  Was it worth it?


The title for my 2013 NaNoWriMo project is: The Clockwork Heartbeat

It’s a sequel to my 2012 NaNo project, Deus Ex Machina.  This story takes place only a few months after the events of the previous novel.  So, obviously, it’s a steampunk novel.  I’m excited to continue the story, and I’m excited to have you share this journey with me.  I’ll be going into details about old and new characters, plot, and all that fun stuff as the month goes on.  Stay tuned.

Current word count for The Clockwork Heartbeat: 3,807/50,000!

Until the morrow,

Andrew Ronzino, A Writer


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