A shift is needed…

Writer’s Block

I currently have writer’s block.

Writer’s block…uh….  Crap!  What’s the word I wanted to use?

You have all these ideas in your head, all these things you want to do in your story or wherever it is that you’re writing.  I’m not working on a story at the moment, in my current case, it’s table top RPG class mechanics that I’m having trouble with.  However, it’s writing all the same, and I’m stuck.  It feels the same as it does for a story.  You try to look ahead and say, “Okay, I’ve got this,” but all you see in front of you is a wall of smog…like New Jersey.

I hate writer’s block!

SUCKS!  That’s the word I was looking for!  Yes.  Writer’s block sucks.

How do you handle writer’s block?


Comments on: "Writer’s Block" (1)

  1. I can’t handle creative blocks, sadly. I wish I knew a way. It used to be I would just get some friends, and roleplay to spark ideas (for me it was forum rps, the equivalent of your Protectors), but I haven’t had that in a while. Maybe DeviantArt has some ideas for curing creative blocks. >.>

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