A shift is needed…


I love Star Trek!

I love it so much that yesterday I got in to see a sneak peek of Star Trek: Into Darkness!  I went with a bunch of buddies.  One of those buddies, Mike, has a blog called Four Point Reviews, and he and I discussed this movie afterward, and we agreed on all points.

He wrote a Four Point Review and shared his thoughts.  And since he and I agree, I’ll just give you the link to his review, and you’ll know how I feel about it.  He also gives a shout out to yours truly.


Without giving anything away, I believe that this movie was fantastic, and though not as great as The Wrath of Khan, it’s up there as one of my favorite Star Trek films



If you’re a Trek fan, or even if you’re not, go see Star Trek: Into Darkness!

I give if 4 1/2 Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a 9/10!


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  1. I agree with every single thing you say here! Oh, and you may wish to go see who called for your death in the comments section of my article.

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