A shift is needed…

So far, I have introduced two of the three main characters of Deus Ex Machina.  There’s the primary protagonist, Saul Deus; and the secondary protagonist, Xandria Jopp.  But now I want you to meet the third main character, Tanya!  She is a view point character for several chapter, and is a clockwork engineer like Saul is.  Just like with Saul and Xandria, this is a very long character profile condensed to just a few main points that you may find interesting.

Meet Tanya Stentov, one of the secondary protagonists of Deus Ex Machina!

Meet Tanya Stentov

Name: Tanya Rose Stentov

Nickname: Nya (by her father)

Age: 23

Hair: Blonde, curly, often worn loose

Skin: Caucasian

Favorite color: Green

Favorite Music: Strings

Food: Beef Stroganoff

Likes: Clockwork machines, clocks, gears and cogs, steam power, big and powerful machines, tinkering with new ideas, Deus Clockwork, Saul Deus (secretly, and without even realizing it)

Dislikes: People who disagree with her when it comes to matters she’s passionate about, electric power, chicken, Nauticals/seaships, swimming, alcohol

Most prized possession: A clockwork schematic she designed for something brand new, she has never shown it to anyone

Why?: It’s the first clockwork she designed completely by her self, but she doesn’t think it’s good enough

Personality flaws: Sharp tongue, always needs to be correct, argumentative

Personality strengths: Observant, trusting, diplomatic

Tanya grew up just outside of Moscow, Russia.  She is a third generation clockwork engineer, and the the daughter of the famous Russian clockwork engineer, Nikolai Stentov, who is the owner of Stentov Engineering.  Her grandfather, Ivan Stentov created Stentov Engineering. She loves clockwork just as much as the rest of her family, maybe even more so, but she thinks lowly on her skills as as clockwork engineer.  In truth, she’s good, but she sees herself as only a shadow of her father’s greatness, and she intends to one day step out from beyond that shadow and make a name for herself.  She has a great command of the English language due to taking it in school, and because she went to Oxford University to learn clockwork.

When she was thirteen, she met the famous American clockwork engineer, George Deus, and his son, Saul.  Mr. Deus came to Russia to work on something with her father, and Saul tagged along.  They lived with the Stentovs for a month.  She learned that Saul had quite a passion for clockwork just like his father, and  she developed a crush on the American clockwork maker’s son.  When he left, the feelings never really went away, though she didn’t realize it.  And she never saw him again.  Though her father is the owner of Stentov Engineering, she became the head engineer, and only answers to her father when she is stumped. 

* * *

There you have it, I shall continue to have more info on other aspects of the story throughout November!

Current word count for Deus Ex Machina: 52,803/50,000!

Until tomorrow night,

Andrew Ronzino, a Reader


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