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Tonight I would like to introduce you to another character.  So far, I have given you the details on the plot, and the setting; let you read the first and second excerpts; and given you info on the primary protagonist, Saul Deus.  Now it’s time to meet Xandria.  She is one of the two secondary protagonists in the story.  She is a view point character for several chapters, and is the best friend of Saul.  I really like her character, and I want to share her with you.  Just like with Saul, this is a very long character profile condensed to just a few main points that you may find interesting.

Meet Xandria Jopp, one of the secondary protagonists of Deus Ex Machina!

Meet Xandria Jopp

Name: Alexandria Ann Jopp

Nickname: Xandria (by most), Xan (by Saul Deus only)

Age: 25

Hair: Chestnut colored, long, straight, often worn up on her head or braided

Skin: Caucasian

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite Music: Symphony

Food: Rice

Likes: Deus Clockwork, Saul Deus, history, dogs, fancy dress balls, dancing, a good argument, coffee, tea, aeronauticals, hunting

Dislikes: Kennith Penth, sailing, lizards, bees, lemons, strawberries, winter

Most prized possession: Her silver ring given to her by Saul Deus when they were 12

Why?: He gave it to her as a gift of friendship, but she always wished it could have had more meaning behind it

Personality flaws: Abandonment issues, timid emotionally, too trusting sometimes

Personality strengths: Trustworthy, courageous in physical ways, loyal

Xandria grew up in Brooklyn, New York.  When she was six-years-old, her family met the Deus family.  She and Saul Deus had been best friends ever since, and she considers him her closest companion.  By the time she was twelve, she was harboring a secret crush on the son of the famous clockwork engineer.  She was always a bit of a tomboy, often refusing to wear dresses, and preferred work shirts and trousers.  When they were children, Xandria often dragged Saul into adventures with her.  She was always able to put up with Saul’s workaholic ways, and has always stuck by him.  In her late teens, she began to realize that Saul maybe didn’t feel the same way about her, so she eventually let him go. She became a school teacher, with a focus in history.  She’s a strong woman, but she developed a small stutter when she is frightened or nervous.

Soon after she gave up on her romantic pursuits of Saul, she met and married Kennith Penth.  Saul stood with her at her wedding, though he voiced his objections to her in private about marring Kennith.  She should have listened because after five years of marriage, she walked in on him having an affair.  She found out that Ken has been cheating on her almost their entire marriage, and it ended in divorce.  The story takes place about a year after the divorce, and some of her old feeling for Saul are starting to return, though, once again, she doesn’t feel like they are returned.  She sees her marriage to Ken as a failure, and a waste of time, time that could have been spent with Saul.

* * *

There it is, folks!  I’ll have more info on other characters as November continues!

Current word count for Deus Ex Machina: 36,600/50,000!

Until next time,

Andrew Ronzino, The Keeper of Worlds


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 12: Meet Xandria Jopp" (3)

  1. Isn’t Deus Ex Machina a great literary term? Impressive word count. I’m at 22,000 and I thought I was smoking!
    Happy NaNoing

    • It is a great term. I told one of my friends the title, and she said it was cliche. I agreed that the term can be cliche, but I explained how I chose the title carefully, and that it had multiple meanings within the story.

      Thank you for checking out The Paradigm! Good luck on NaNo!

  2. […] Xandria Jopp is the is primary love interest of the story’s protagonist, Saul.  She is right there with Saul for most of the story, as well as providing the romantic bits.  If you wish to read her introduction from my 2012 NaNoWriMo journal, click here. […]

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