A shift is needed…

I have some really good news…I reached 20,000 words!  I feel so happy!  I’m way ahead on my project, which is exciting!  I really enjoy the challenge of getting the story out, and when I reach a milestone, I feel really good.

Now on to business.  So far I’ve told you about the plot, and I’ve given you two excerpts, now I want you to meet one of the characters.  No, it’s not Jill Trueheart, she was unplanned.  I’m talking about the first of the three main characters.  When I write a character for a novel, I like to have them as fleshed out as much as I can, I want to know them, so to speak.  I have an in-depth character profile template that I fill out for each main character, or any other that may need it.  Protagonists, antagonists, and sometimes important side characters.  Jill may get one at some point, we shall see.  These profiles are long, about 12 pages unfilled out.  Yeah, that’s just how I roll.  Now, I won’t give you all the info, but I would like to give you a taste of who these characters are.

Meet Saul Deus, the primary protagonist of Deus Ex Machina.

Meet Saul Deus

Name: Saul George Deus

Nickname: None

Age: 25

Hair: Straight, shoulder length, a dark brown that matches his eyes

Skin: Caucasian, pale

Favorite color: Brass

Favorite Music: Flute

Food: Seafood

Likes: Clockwork machines, clocks, gears and cogs, steam power, any meal with corn in it, fixing things, people who have respect for clockwork, inventing, long walks in the park to help him think, birds, Stentov Engineering, baseball

Dislikes: Dogs, electric power, soup, people interrupting him while he’s thinking, aeronauticals (airships), flying, the British, people who sing off key, honey

Most prized possession: His clockwork heartbeat ring

Why?: It had belonged to his father

Personality flaws: Prideful, a bit racist, workaholic

Personality strengths: Loyal, confident, loving, calculated

Saul is a third generation clockwork engineer.  His grandfather, Nathan Deus, opened Deus Clockwork nearly 100 years ago.  Since then, Deus Clockwork has become one of the most famous and in demand clockwork companies, who’s only real rival is Stentov Engineering in Moscow, Russia.

Just like his father before him, Saul is hailed as the best clockwork engineer in the world. Saul invented the wristclock, a clock that can be strapped into someone’s wrist. The pocketclock was created by Saul’s father, George Deus, who died when Saul was 18.  Saul aspires to be just as good as his father was, which most people believe he’s already done.

After the start of the story, Saul, Xandria, and Tanya Stentov, go on an adventure together to find out what Saul’s father was up to before he died, and if he really did create a True Automaton.  If he did, they need to get their hands on it before the British do, because they are seeking it as well.  Xandria is his best friend, and Tanya is daughter of Nikolai Stentov, owner of Stentov Engineering (we will meet both of them later on).

* * *

There it is!  I’ll share more about other characters later on.

Current word count for Deus Ex Machina: 20,046/50,000!

Until tomorrow’s log,

Andrew Ronzino, A Friend


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  1. […] Saul Deus is the main character of the story.  Even though there are several point of view characters, the story is about him.  If you wish to read his introduction from my 2012 NaNoWriMo journal, click here. […]

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