A shift is needed…

Okay, first of all, let me get the good news out of the way, I reached the 10,000th word mark!  1/5th of the way done (Mom, I told you I know what fractions are)!  Not bad for the third day of NaNoWriMo!  Not bad at all.

Now, you know the title of my novel this year is Deus Ex Machina, but you don’t really know what it’s about.  Well, for the first time, here is the plot:

Professional clockwork engineer, Saul Deus, realizes that his long dead father may have been more brilliant than he thought.

After a visit from a couple of British men, who have come to New York looking to collect on a commission his father accepted from the King of England ten years go, Saul’s new obsession becomes finding out what his father had been working on in secret before his death.  Saul and his best friend, Xandria, go across the world looking for the answers to the questions George Deus left behind.

Following the clues and schematics, Saul discovers that his father may have done something no other clockwork engineer had ever done, created a True Automaton.  A living machine that can function and think on its own; the Holy Grail of clockwork.  If Saul can find any evidence that his father had figured out how to make a True Automaton, it could change the world forever.  The problem is…the King of England wants it too.  Saul must find it first.

There it is.  I’ll go into further detail about the main charterers, the setting, and other aspects of the story at some point, so keep a lookout for those.

Now I want to tell you about Jill.

Who is Jill?

Jill is the name I gave a nameless throwaway character I had put into my timeline of events when I was forming the story prior to start of NaNo.  In the story, Saul and Xandria are on an aeronautical (airship) heading for Russia and on the flight, Saul meets a serving girl who is interested in clockwork, and he encourages her to peruse clockwork engineering as a career.  That was going to be the extent of the character.  In the timeline of events, she had no name, and only one thing to do.

However, today as I was writing, I gave the sixteen-year-old girl a name, Jill.

Then I gave her a last name, Jill Trueheart.

Then I gave her life.

She’s not a main character by any means, but she has grown from a throwaway, one scene character to someone who will show up later in the story and have a real role.  At some point, she will end up being Saul’s apprentice and he is going to teach her the trade of clockwork.

I love this about writing, when you have something planned, but the story takes things in a different direction! I just wanted to share that with you. If you’re a writer, remember to let the story flow as you write.  Allow the unexpected, you may end up liking the results.

Remember Jill Trueheart, she’ll end up in the story again at some point, and I can’t wait to see what becomes of her.

Current word count for Deus Ex Machina: 11,534/50,000!

Until tomorrow night,

Andrew Ronzino, a writer


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 3: The Plot and Jill" (2)

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