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Yesterday, the news broke of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm.  They bought it from George Lucas for 4.05 billion dollars.  This news is shocking enough, and if you want to read more about it, feel free to wander off and read up on it at a news website.  I want to focus on the second bit of shocking news that came with Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm:

The announcement of Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and IX!

Hook is shocked!

So far, I have heard so many mixed feelings about this announcement, and I believe all fans of Star Wars are entitled to their opinions on the subject.  That being said, I want to share mine.

First of all, I think it might be a good idea.  Note the italics.  I said “might”.  Here’s why:

George Lucas won’t be writing it!   No doubt that he will have a hand in it, but from what I know of the situation, he has had notes on a Star Wars sequel trilogy for a very long time.  He has handed them over to be used for the new movies, but he won’t be writing it personally.  This is a good thing!

Also, I trust Lucasfilm and Disney.  They have both proved time and time again (with a few exceptions) to be makers of great movies.  I think they can do it again.  Now, I do agree that it will be tough.  The story will have to be good, and it will have to work for fans to get behind the idea, but I do believe they can do it.

According to Wikipedia (you know, the most reliable source of information on the internet):

“The film will continue the story of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia beyond Return of the Jedi. However, the plot will not be based on the various novels, graphic novels and other materials that have continued the story of these three characters and have previously been considered Star Wars canon. Rather, Episode VII is expected to be an entirely original story.”

This may cause some problems with the Star Wars Extended Universe, but who cares?  This will be canon!

I wouldn’t say I’m excited…not yet.  I need to wait to see what the plot will be and if they will be getting Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and the rest to do the acting.  Admit it, who wouldn’t want to see Mark Hamill with a lightsaber again?

…Never mind.

Also, think of the fan fiction!   I personally hate fan fiction, but for those who love it, think of all the Disney/Star Wars crossovers that can be done now!  Facebook friend, Jonathon Vanderwall, wrote this in a comment:

“Someone is gonna be pissed when Peter Pan shoots Han Solo in the eye and the Genie becomes the next leader of the Jedi Order. Not to mention when they can’t figure out whether Chewy or the Beast is flying the Millennium Falcon and why the crap it can’t go faster than the magic carpet. And there’s gonna be hell to pay when the Lions and all the woodland creatures from Bambi take over Dagobah. Can you imagine all the bad guys that are in line to take over now that the Emperor is dead? Good grief, it’s gonna be like Luke Skywalker takes on the world!”

See?  It’ll work.  You fan fiction authors have at it!

Needless to say, I think Star Wars VII, VIII, and IX might be a good idea, and it might work.  “Might” being the key word here.  Only time will tell.


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  1. Michael Haberlein said:

    Okay, my turn…

    As one of two professors in the Star Wars School of Theology, I must say that this is the most exciting Star Wars news since the announcement of the prequels. There is one main reason for my exuberance:

    No more Lucas.

    “Bullshit!” many Star Wars purists exclaim. But let’s look at the facts here. The prequels were dreadful folks. And don’t give me that “Episode 3 made up for EPs 1 and 2, because the prequels, like the original trilogy, are viewed as a sum of their whole, not individually. The blame for the failure of the prequels lies squarely at the feet of George Lucas. He wrote and directed all 3 of them, and he had final say on literally everything that ended up on film. What if the prequels had been in the hands of one Joss Weadon? Or even one Christopher Nolan? Is there any argument that they would have been better, nay, incredible? If Disney is smart, they will get people who are huge fans of Star Wars to make the new ones. The fans know what they want, and would deliver in droves. In addition, the fans would make this a collaborative effort. Red Letter Media correctly pointed out that one of the reasons the prequels were so awful, was because there was nobody to say “No, not a good idea” to George Lucas. George was allowed to run rampant with every idea he had, which results have shown, was not a good idea (Jar Jar Binks, Midiclorians, Hayden Christensen, etc). Fans are obsessive enough about Star Wars that they will ensure none of these travesties happen again. And evidence has shown that fans know Star Wars better than George does. Question: what is the best Star Wars related media of the past decade? Answer: Knights of the Old Republic series. Made by self-admitted fans, KOTOR consistently hit all the right notes to make a truly epic Star Wars experience. They should have just made KOTOR the prequels and completely ignored EPs 1 and 2. They did it with the Holiday Special, and they could have done it with the prequels.

    In sum, Disney taking the reins of Star Wars is the best thing that could have happened to the franchise. If they can put some true fans with real talent behind it, we are gonna be in for some epic times for sure.

    Disney’s buyout of Lucasfilm is the best thing that could have happened for Star Wars

  2. Does this mean that princess leia is now a Disney princess?

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