A shift is needed…

I wrote this on December 11th, 2008.  I originally had it as a Facebook note, but I thought I would put it up on The Paradigm.

I saw this video on YouTube, and I wanted to share it.  Please watch it, before reading the rest of this:

What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church? A Parable.

How sad is this?

Thank God that not all churches are like this, but unfortunately, a lot are.  Some churches in America today have become nothing more than a big coffee shop to hang out at.  Not a place for believers to commune and get filled up, and nonbelievers to feel the presence of God.  Some churches pitch themselves like a store, with Jesus to sell.  “Come inside and buy Jesus, and right now we’re have a sale on healing and deliverance, but only for the next twenty-five minuets!”

The church needs to be a place for unbelievers to come in and feel like they need God, not to be lost in the hype and grandeur that is the the Coffee Shop Church.  Sure it’s nice to have a cool and hip place that attracts people, in fact we need that. But we can’t try and sell them Jesus.  He’s not for sale.  You can’t lay down a “tip” and get Christianity.  There needs to be a lifestyle change.

And Christians, we need to be accepting to anyone who walks through the doors, not look them up and down and say inside, “Why are they here?  They don’t belong here.”  Because maybe they’re at your church to find God.  Maybe they need what you have.

I’m just glad I’m not apart of a church like that (even though it’s a huge church).

Tell me, what does this video tell you?  How does it make feel?  How can we change ourselves so we don’t become Coffee Shop Christians?


Comments on: "What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church?" (1)

  1. Excellent, Andrew!

    On that clip, the one thing that made me get a knot in my stomach was when the man looked them up and down and turned away.

    Jesus never notices my clothes or shoes. Never. That’s one of the things I love about Him.

    I greet in my church for the first time next Sunday…I’ll make sure I don’t do some of the things in this video!

    Great timing – for me, that is!

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