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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated!  I’m having computer issues, and I’m hoping to get a new one with my tax return this year.  Now, on to the post….

The Protectors

On my Facebook, I have this thing I do in the mornings called Morning News.  It’s usually bits of real or fictional information that I offer just for fun.  A few days ago my Morning News was this:

Morning News: I found out that I need to travel from world to world in order to save the universe from collapse. I’d rather not go alone. Anyone want to go with?

This got an amazing response from people, so I kept going with it because people were getting involved.  I decided to try an experiment.  An internet interactive story!  The Protectors was created!

The Protectors is an internet interactive story that will be written over Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media sites.  The experiment is to see how large we can make this story, and see how many people get involved!  All are welcome, and are able to join in on the fun.  If you would like to get involved or even just watch, “Like” The Protectors on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Protectors/363991896962519

(To get the details, read the “Description” and “Mission” in the “Info” section of the page)

Now you may be asking where The Paradigm ends up in all of this.  Well, because I created the Protectors, I need to be involved myself.  And because I’m a writer who doesn’t offer a lot of my fictional stuff on my blog (which I’ve be meaning to change, by the way), I’m going to be using my blog for longer parts of my sections of The Protectors interactive story.  I will be adding a new tab at the top of my blog so people who want to only view my stuff for The Protectors may do so with ease.

Please keep in mind that everything I write for The Protectors is essentially a vomit draft, so the writing quality won’t be super good.  But I do promise to do the best that I can!  So, without further ado, the first installment of “The Protectors”….

The Protectors – Mission 1: Terra Omega – The Briefing

Andrew “Ronzi” Ronzino, called the team to the Pavilion nearly two hours ago, and it took about that long for them to arrive.  As Head Protector, it was his job to make sure that his team of dimension crossing fighters were briefed on the details of the mission.  Ronzi sighed, he wasn’t ready for this.  In all his years of being a Protector, never had he seen a team more green than this one.  They were able, but not ready.  But the Dark Lord didn’t wait for his enemy to be ready.  No, Ophlounda waited for no one.  This team would have to do.

The Protectors are a secret team of people who protected and served the realities by traveling to different worlds, or universes, and stopping horrific things that would cause them harm.  If too many universes fell, the rest of the might follow.  No one knew what would happened to reality if all of the worlds fell, but it couldn’t be good.

A few years back, a strange and mysterious man by the name of Terrence Ophlounda learned the traveling power, a power normally reserved for the Head Protector and a few others who were deemed worthy, and began to build himself a following.  He started to cause havoc and mayhem across the realities, and soon crowned himself the Dark Lord.

Ronzi rolled his eyes as he thought back to the moment he heard that.  “The Dark Lord?  Seriously?  Can Ophy be any more unoriginal?” he thought to himself.  He smiled at the team as they walked into the beautiful room that was encircled by glass windows; the late winter stars gleaming bright.

The team took to calling the Dark Lord “Ophy”, more out of a joke than anything else.  But now wasn’t the time for jokes, Ophlounda was making his first move.

When everyone had arrived, Ronzi cleared his throat, and the room grew quiet.  “Protectors,” he said.  “The time has come.  Ophlounda is on the move.  The world we are going to tonight is called Terra Omega.  They are futuristic compared to Earth, but the humans in that reality are frightened little rabbits compared to us.  As it turns out, Terra Omega is a hidden planet.  Hidden from four other races of aliens who wish to enslave or wipe out humanity.  We must not let this happen!

“All we know about Terra Omega is that it’s similar to Earth, but is about 3,000 years in the future, technologically speaking.  We know that Terra Omega, which is the Key Planet, by the way, is hidden.  No one but the humans know where it is.  And of course, because we’re Protectors, and can travel through realities, space, and time, we can go straight there.  Ophlounda’s plans are simple, he wants to lead one of the worst types of aliens to Terra Omega, and attack.  We don’t know who the aliens are just yet, but I’m sure we will soon enough.

“Our mission is to stop Ophlounda from attacking Terra Omega.  If it comes to a fight, then we must stop him from destroying humanity in that world.  We will live on Terra Omega for a while and we will keep our eyes and ears open.

“Here are the rules for that world.  First, don’t get too involved with the people.  They don’t have Protectors there, and we don’t need too many questions being asked.  We must remain discrete.  No using powers if you have them unless it is absolutely necessary.  Keep unique weapons use to a minimum as well.  Second, don’t eat anything yellow, it will be like a poison to us, and there is no cure in that world or in this.  I repeat, if it is yellow, do not eat it!  If anything changes when we get there, I will contact you when we split up.  Keep your Protector bands on at all times.”

The Protector bands were small, almost insignificant silver bracelets that every Protector wore.  They used these to communicate with each other.  Ronzi could use his own to keep track of every Protector’s health and well being, but other than that, his was the same as everyone else’s.

Ronzi said, “Any questions?”

One of the younger Protectors raised his hand and asked, “How long will we be there, Ronzi?”

“Until the end of the month,” Ronzi said.  “We will return earlier if we stop Ophlounda.”  The truth was that they couldn’t spend too much time in any one world, it caused problems in the fabric of the universe if they did.  Ronzi didn’t fully understand that, but as Head Protector, it was his job to see to it that they didn’t over stay their welcome.  “Any other questions?”

When no hands went up, Ronzi said, “Okay then, get ready to move out, and meet me back here in fifteen.”

Everyone filed out, including Ronzi.  He went to his personal room and opened his locker.  He took out his pack, which had all that he needed for an adventure to another world.  Water, books, journals, clothing, food, equipment, and other stuff.  He also took out his weapon.  The closest thing the weapon resembled was a lightsaber from Star Wars, but he simply called it his blade.  He found it on a world called Mixse.  It functioned and sounded just like a lightsaber too.  It was even blue!  The only differences were that it couldn’t cut through anything; there were some metals it couldn’t cut through, and it had to be charged every month or so.  Ronzi was known for taking a trophy from each world, but the blade was his favorite.

He put the blade on his belt, like a classic Jedi, and walked back into the briefing room and waited for the others.  Soon they were all assembled, all wearing their clothes, weapons, and packs of choice, ready to go.

“Are we ready?” Ronzi asked.  When no one objected, he said.  “Then let us go to Terra Omega!  Protect the worlds!”

“Protect the worlds!” the assembly called out.

Ronzi cleared his mind and tapped into the traveling power he gained two years ago when he became Head Protector and summoned the energy needed to transport.  The room folded on itself then shifted.  Ronzi felt the familiar cramped and claustrophobic sensation he always got when he traveled this way.  When the world unfolded and realigned.  They were standing in a park, in the daylight of twin suns.  One red, one yellow.  The air was clean, and the sky was purple.  In the air were flying vehicles zooming around.

“Welcome to Terra Omega, Protectors,” Ronzi said with a wide smile on his face.  He loved going to new worlds.

Earth Time Stamp: February 4th, 2012

* * *

This is apart of “The Protectors”, which is an internet interactive story experiment.  To read more, or get involved, visit The Protector’s Page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Protectors/363991896962519


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