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NaNoWriMo Day 20: Genesis

The time has come for me to go into details about the antagonist for Written in Silence.  Now, unlike Michael and Dianna, my antagonist doesn’t have a full character profile that I’ve written up.  Normally I like to know just as much about my villain as I do about my heroes.  However, this time, I did something different.  The villain doesn’t come into the picture until the last quarter of the story.  He’s mentioned and talked about, but you don’t see him until the end.    This is done on purpose.  Because of his position, it’s important to the story that he stays out of sight.  Who is this unseen villain of the story?

Paul Genesis

The President of New America, Paul Genesis.

Paul Genesis is the son of the man who took over the USA seventy years ago, Eric Genesis.  Eric gained the aid of the military, then killed Jeremy Sassaino, the President of the United States.  Twenty years prior to the beginning of the story, Paul inherited the presidency from his father.  His grand vision for the country began when he moved in on Canada and Mexico and made them apart of New America.  His plans for the future is to eventually take all of South America, and then see about taking the rest of the world, country by country (of course!)

However, soon after Paul Genesis took over, the Old American Movement, led by Ben Sassanio, the son of the man Eric killed to take over the USA, arose.  After battling the underground movements of the OAM, Genesis finally found and killed Ben and his wife, Maria.  But little did Paul know that the son of Ben, Carter Sassaino, whom no one really knew existed, survived the fire that killed his parents.  Carter was quickly adopted by a nice family and was given the name Michael Vadaren.

The OAM was crippled, and Genesis figured he won, and the world would soon be his.  Years passed, but then news got to him that Ben Sassanio had a son, and so he focused on finding and killing that boy.  It took him a year to do so, and when it was confirmed that Michael Vadaren was Carter Sassaino, he tried to kill him.  But as luck would have it, that was the night, Dianna Testa snuck Michael out of his house.  So, by accident, Michael survived the flames of Genesis twice, but both times, the flames killed his family.

Genesis now fears that the knowledge of there being another Sassaino will reawaken the OAM, and he will have to fight, once again to keep his grand vision for New America alive.

* * *

Though Genesis is the main villain, you don’t see him until the final quarter of the book, when Dianna and Michael are captured by the military and taken before him.  I hope you enjoyed this look into the antagonist of the story, he’s been a lot of fun putting together, and I’m currently writing the scene where Dianna and Michael meet him.  A lot of fun for me, I love writing hero/villain interaction.

Current word count for Written in Silence: 54,382/50,000

Until next time,

Andrew Ronzino, the Mayor of Whoville


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 20: Genesis" (2)

  1. Fascinating! I admire your ability to create an imaginary world.

    Last night I put on an OLD movie (made in 1997) called Postman. Do you know it? The first scene shows Utah in 2013. All the great cities had died a decade before and now anarchy reigns.

    I understand a fantasy (and speculative fiction) writer has to make it just believable enough yet still beyond the confines of reality for their story to work. Do you feel like you use this genre to make a statement about current affairs or are you just having fun? I only ask out of curiosity.

    Good work.

    Oh, and I posted a third excerpt if you are interested. It’s a small bit this time.

    • Thank you! I love world building, it’s my favorite part of writing.

      No, I’ve never seen Postman, but I’ve heard it was interesting.

      As for this genre being used for current affairs, no. I’m not hiding a message or anything like that. I just thought it would be a cool story.

      I read your excerpt. I loved it!

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