A shift is needed…

My big news for the night is that I reached 20,000 words!  I wasn’t even really trying to do that, I mean, I reached my first milestone only two days ago.  But between yesterday and today, I just couldn’t stop.  I reached a “good spot” and the words just started to flow.  It was awesome.  Hopefully this kind of inspiration keeps coming.

Well, I’ve given you the plot, and I’ve given you the first excerpt, now it’s time to meet one of the characters.  Now, when I write a character for a story, I like to know as much as I can about them.  I have an in-depth character profile template that I fill out for characters who need them.  Main characters, villains, and important side characters.  It’s 12 pages long…unfilled out!  So, stuff I share here isn’t the only information I have on them.

Meet Dianna Testa, the primary protagonist of Written in Silence.

Meet Dianna Testa

Name: Dianna Erica Testa

Nickname: Di

Age: 16

Hair: Straight, neck length, and dyed black with blonde streaks (naturally curly and brown)

Skin: Caucasian

Favorite color: Red

Favorite Music: Pop

Food: Tacos

Likes: Dogs, kids, talking, stories, reading, games, hot guys, going to the movies, surfing the Net on her Pocketnet, and puzzles

Dislikes: People who don’t explain themselves, New American government, the military, purple food, and moving

Most prized possession: Her teddy bear

Why?: It’s the last gift her father personally gave to her, she got it when she was eight

Personality flaws: Talks too much, never really listens

Personality strengths: Understands people, headstrong, doesn’t back down without a fight

Dianna is a 16-year-old military brat.  Her father is a General in the New American Army, and very strict.  Since the age of seven, she has moved eight times, to eight different providences.  Her family moved to Stanton, Pennsylvania Providence a few days before the start of the story.  Her father has promised her that it’s the last time they move, at least until she’s out of high school.  She talks a lot, especially when she’s nervous, and often finds it hard to shut up.  She loves children, and would often take jobs babysitting.  She has never been able to have a relationship for more than a few months because of how often she moves.  Her dream is to become a children’s counselor, as well as get married and have kids.

After the story begins, she falls for the secondary protagonist, Michael, whom we will discuss on a different day.  She helps him find his voice, and joins him on a journey to take down the tyrannical rule of the story’s villain, whom I will also discuss later on.  She learns to stop talking so much, and learns how to listen, because that is the only way she’ll ever really understand Michael.

One more little titbit.  Though I changed the spelling, I named Dianna after Diana Barry from Anne of Green Gables (shamefully hands over a Man Card).

* * *

There ya have it, I’ll share more about other characters as we go.

Current word count for Written in Silence: 20,018/50,000!

Until tomorrow,

Andrew Ronzino, A Guy Who Likes Apple Cider

P.S. No, I did not name Dianna after Chuck Testa.  I gave her that name before I became aware of the video…which is hilarious, by the way.


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  1. Awesome. Apple cider on me next time for rocking out the challenge.

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