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Goodbye to Smallville


In October of 2001, Smallville aired for the first time.  I watched the pilot episode and walked away a fan of the show.  I loved the acting, the sets, the characters, and the effects.  It was an all around great show.  I also walked away know three things: Clark and Lex would eventually become enemies (at the time of the first season they were friends), Clark would fall in love with Lois Lane (who wasn’t on the show yet), and that the series would end with Clark Kent becoming Superman.

And just a few days ago, the final episode of the tenth and last season of Smallville aired.  Not only did Smallville meet my high expectations as a show, but the three things I knew that had to happen to bring the show come to a nice, clean end, came to pass.  Clark and Lex became enemies, Clark and Lois fell in love, and Clark became Superman.

As a huge fan of the show, I watched each season looking for the ways that they would lead Clark into becoming Superman.  And throughout the show there were subtle hints dropped, and silly puns made.  They were always enjoyable.  The fact that they made Clark afraid of heights added a lot of his character

I loved the show’s arch.  Clark grew from an insecure farm boy with strange abilities into the Man of Steel, the Man of Tomorrow, Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton, Superman.  It was his trials and tribulations throughout the show’s ten seasons that made Clark Kent who he was.  And in the end, he triumphed!

Smallville had two things that had not yet happened until the very last part of the final episode: Clark had not yet flown under his own power, and he had not worn the iconic Superman suit and cape.  Most of all, it was these two things that I looked forward to.  I knew that the show would have a terrible ending if he did not fly and wear the suit.  But in the end, Clark Kent, played by Tom Welling, flew.  Not only did he fly, but he flew with a Reeveian style (like Christopher Reeve did in the old movies).  Clark also donned the Superman suit, complete with red cape, and S-shield on his chest.  But my favorite part, by far, was the last 30 seconds of the show.


Seven years after the events of the last episode, Clark runs up to the top of the Daily Planet to the music of John Williams’ Superman Theme, he rips his shirt open, to reveal the Superman suit underneath.  It was so epic, I called home to tell my mother (who is also a fan of the show) all about it!  It was an epic moment…the show, not calling my mother, I mean.

And Now I Say Goodbye

I have been watching Smallville for ten years now, and now that it’s over I find myself in a state of contentment.  I liked what they had done with the show.  It wasn’t perfect, and not all of it was good.  Personally, I thought seasons seven and eight were lame, and Lana Lane needed to die after season four.  But, as a whole, it was a good show.  They took bits and pieces of everything related to Superman and formed their own storyline with it.  The drew inspiration from the comics, the movies, and even elements of the cartoons and other TV shows.  They blended them together with their own unique ingredients, and the storyline and style of Smallville took shape.

As I look back on the ten seasons of Smallville, I don’t think it could have had a better ending.  The finale was perfect for the direction the show took.  And though I’m sad to say goodbye, I am satisfied with how it turned out.

Thank You

Even though I’m sure no one who worked on Smallville would ever read this, I would like to take the time to thank them.

To the writers, directors, producers, and behind-the-scenes people,

Thank you.  You have formed a show that a geek like me could enjoy and respect.  It was full of action, drama, as well as good, wholesome fun.  Smallville had values and morals that a lot of shows don’t bother to include, or don’t care about.  You spent the time and money to make the show good, including amazing effects and graphics as the show progressed.  It had always impressed me how Smallville had bullet time in almost every episode in some way, even back when bullet time was still new and expensive to do.  You created a show that was entertaining.  I feel like you did Superman justice, and added to the lore with your own style.

To the actors,

Thank you.  All of you, from the main cast, to the extras, made Smallville what it was.  Each of you brought something to the table, and spiced up the show with wonderful personalities and characters.  Tom Welling’s portrayal of Clark Kent, and his journey from a boy to the Man of Steel, was better than I could imagine.  I don’t think any other actor could have done it better at this time.  Smallville wouldn’t have been the same without those who were on screen who brought the story of Superman to life.  Smallville, in part, helped with my inspiration to start writing.  The stories told on the show, the tales of Superman when he was growing up, always made me want to tell wonderful stories myself.  So, for that, and for making Smallville what it was, I thank you.

Smallville is over now, but Superman will always live on!

Superman on Smallville, from the series finale. (This is not a Photoshopped image, this is taken from the series finale)


Comments on: "Goodbye to Smallville" (2)

  1. Some of my fondest memories is watching Smallville with you and us singing, without abandon, the opening song, Somebody Save Me.

  2. Marcus Blackwin said:

    I too enjoyed Smallville for all ten years. I thought it started to get kind of bland after season 5, but it picked back up in 9 and 10. I also think it was a great show.

    The finale was great, I loved every moment of it. and you’re right. That ending is epic.

    Well said on the reflection on the show and what it meant to you. Thanks for sharing that.

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