A shift is needed…

Happy Thuesday!

Okay, so this morning I get into work and I see this left for us by the third shift crew on our notice whiteboard:


It’s clear to me that someone on third shift doesn’t know how to spell “Tuesday”…or “Thursday” for that matter.  So they just went ahead and combined the two days and wrote “Thuesday”.  When I saw it, I said to my co-workers, “Does that say “Thuesday?  Who misspelled “Tuesday?”  We had a good laugh about it, and it continued to be the joke of the day.  Here are the facts that we discovered about this new, and might I add, wonderful, new day:

  • Thuesday is pronounced “Th-HOOS-day”
  • Thuesday is the eighth day of the week and is, in fact, in between Tuesday and Wednesday…which kind of makes it the third day of the week, but I digress.
  • Thuesday is a 48 hour day, but people only have to work half the day
  • It is traditional to watch The Godfather (Parts I, II, and III) on Thuesday
  • Everything is doubled on Thuesday.  At meal times you take two of everything; you make double the pay at work; double the pleasure and double the fun; etc., etc.

There it is, folks!  Everyone loves the new eighth–or third–day of the week.  Join in on the fun, and have a happy Thuesday!


Comments on: "Happy Thuesday!" (9)

  1. I vote to make Thuesday official!!!!! (It sounds like something I would have written, huh, Andrew?! Whoever wrote that is a man after my own heart!)

  2. And thus, Ronzi’s least life-applicable blog post is finally revealed.

  3. Your post made my day, Andrew! I’m sad that Thuesday is coming to an end…

  4. Hahahahah – this is such a great way to do the working week. Thanks for bringing a smile to my day B4 Thuesday. Tomorrow I will eat many custard doughnuts.

    Your Mom sent me over here – your Mom rocks!

    Also loved your post about Teen Bible Mag – totally agree – never did me any harm :)

    Have a great day Andrew.


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