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One Word 2011

My sister, Alece Ronzino, has made it a point not to have a New Year’s resolution or goal.  Just one word.  One word to live your life by for the year.  This concept of One Word has spread like wildfire, and now hundreds of people have resolved to not have a resolution this year, but one word.

I’ve been thinking about this myself, and I wanted to choose my One Word for 2011, but I could never think of one single word I could use to describe what I wanted to see this year in my personal life.  It was a tough decision, but now I have it.  I have chosen my One Word 2011.


Why have I chosen “written” as my One Word?  Because this is the year that I plan on taking the first steps to get my first novel published.  My first step is to start seeking the representation of a literary agent.  It’ll be a long process, and it’ll take some time before I see my book on a shelf.  But that process begins this year by finishing the final touches on my book, then seeking representation.  I no longer want to say, “I’m writing a book.”, but rather, “I’ve written a book.”

I start here.  I start now.

One Word 2011: Written


Comments on: "One Word 2011" (5)

  1. Michael Haberhooter said:

    I like it!

    My one word for 2011: Career.

    My second word for 2011: Phat

  2. LOVE IT! Go Ronzi!

    Hey – do you want to swap stories so we can critique each other?

  3. It is written!

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