A shift is needed…

Seti has been killed.

That’s right, you can’t have a Beauty and the Beast style story without the Beast dying!  So, Seti died.  But just like in Beauty and the Beast, Seti needs the curse broken off of him.  But in The Pharaoh this happens in reverse.  He’s a man before he dies, and he transforms into a beast when he’s revived.  This is because Seti is returning to godhood because he was able to learn the lesson Isis wanted him to learn, and Seti is really Set, who looks like a beast.  See?  It’s in reverse.

The difference between Beauty and the Beast and The Pharaoh is that Seti asks to return to human form so that he can stay with Husn, and he will return to being a god when he dies as a mortal man.  So he makes the sacrifice by choice, and everyone will be quite happy with this.  This was the plan from the very beginning, when Lizzy and I had our first phone call about what we wanted to do for NaNoWriMo!

On a side note, I subscribed to Writer’s Digest today!  Super excited about that!

Current word count for The Pharaoh: 62,263/50,000

Until next time,

Andrew Ronzino, [Insert Witting Persona Here]


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