A shift is needed…

One of the hardest things that I’ve had to deal with in co-authoring a novel is the fact that Lizzy and I have two completely different styles of writing.  She, at least from what I’ve seen, is more description heavy, and I’m more dialogue heavy.  Both style are good and of value, it’s just that one style if different than the other, and one is my personal style.  So it’s been tough for me to conform both our styles into this middle ground where we can work together and still have it look and sound really good, to that it flows well.

If we didn’t do this, all of her chapters would look one way, and all of mine would look another way, and it would just be sloppy.  I’m not saying it’s perfect.  It is just a “vomit draft” after all, so there are bound to be style issues, but for what it is right now, I would say that Lizzy and I have found a good middle ground.

But I’m not going to lie, it’s not been easy to stop myself from writting it the way I would naturally write, and conform it to the style we’re writing for The Pharaoh.  It’s been a challenge, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

On a side note, let me ask you, my readers a question.  If you could write any book (fiction or non-fiction) and know that it would be an instant best seller, what would it be about?

Current word count for The Pharaoh: 44,848/50,000

Until my nest post,

Andrew Ronzino, AKA Stupendous Man


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 16: Conflicting Styles" (8)

  1. I would love to write a book about Alexander the Great’s son. Alexander the Great is a huge interest to me, and to tell it from the perspective of his first (and only) born son would be amazing.

  2. DaRonn, my husband, just answered that he would write a version of the bible.

    How can I top an answer like that? :) I can’t. So I will just tell you my book idea.

    Right now I am most passionate about the work I am writing so to answer truthfully I would hope it would be this one.

    Congrats on finding a rhythm with Lizzy.

  3. Ian (you know the Ian I mean the attractive handsome one) said:

    I kinda want to write about a immortal. You know someone who fought the Persians during the Greco-Persian wars. Someone who crossed the Rubicon with Caesar. Who saw Jesus die on the cross. Who was with the crusaders as Jerusalem burned. etc etc like that HOW I would do that is a mystery to me but the idea of immortality real interest me.

    PS: please forgive any spelling errors.

    • Hmmm…sounds like The Man From Earth to me! ;-)

      • Ian (you know the Ian I mean the attractive handsome one) said:

        kinda (i had to Google it) my idea would be to explore what all those thousands of years would do to him. I mean after seeing atrocity after atrocity would you really care anymore? Like if you saw what Gengis Khan did to a city would the holocaust seem as horrific? Would you get suicidal? Would you be capable of caring for people after seeing hundreds of generations fly by? Would the idea of activism seem just plain silly?

      • That’s exactly what The Man From Earth was about. He’s lived since the stone age, and it just his view on humanity.

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