A shift is needed…

One week has passed since the start of NaNoWriMo, and Lizzy and I have reached the 25,000 word mark!  That puts us half way towards the goal of 50,000 words!  This does not mean, however, that the book is half way done.  In fact, I could see The Pharaoh being well over 50,000 words.  I have four goals this month and they are:

  1. Reach 50,000 words by November 30th
  2. Complete The Pharaoh by November 30th
  3. Become a better writer from the experience I will gain during the month of November.
  4. Drink more Iilk than any ever has in one month and still be healthy by November 30th.

So far, things are looking up for all four goals.  It’s been seven days, and we have 25,000+ words written, from here, I can see us completing The Pharaoh by the end of the month, I believe I am already learning some new things about writing, especially about co-authorship and deadlines!  As for the Iilk…it’s been seven days, and I’ve drank a fair amount, and I’m healthy!  Woot!

And Now…A Little Treat!

In honor of reaching the halfway point, I would like to share with you a small excerpt from the chapter I just finished writing.  I love this scene, and it’s the one scene I’ve had in my mind since the moment Lizzy and I picked the story and setting.  So here it is:

Zaphenath took a few grapes and chewed them, he was obviously giving himself time to think. When he had swallowed, he looked at Seti and said, “Did I ever tell you the origin of my name?”

Seti, wondering what this had to do with anything he had just asked him, shook his head.

“My father named me after one if the greatest viceroys that had ever lived, Zaphenath-paneah.”

Seti thought back on his history lessons. If he remembered correctly, that was long ago, in ancient times. “He was the Hebrew viceroy, was he not?”

Zaphenath nodded. “Yes from long ago, long before the exodus of the Hebrews people from our land. The Pharaoh of Egypt at that time had been vexed by dreams as you are now. He new they meant something and sought the meaning. All of the best wise men came to see him, but could not tell him the meaning of his dreams. But the Pharaoh’s cup barer remembered a Hebrew slave in prison who had the gift to interpret dreams. He was brought before the king, and was able to warn him that Egypt was about to face a long drought, but they had seven years to prepare. In his glee, the pharaoh made him his viceroy and set him as second in command over all Egypt. Zaphenath-paneah helped lead Egypt into being the most prosperous land in the world because of drought. Egypt always had plenty. When I was born, my father gave me the name Zaphenath in hopes that I would rise from our poor and humble caste and become like the man from legend and become viceroy of Egypt. And here I am today, second in command of Egypt.”

Seti was confused. “What do these words mean? What does this story have to do with my situation?” But he was amused by the story, and was impressed by Zaphenath’s father for having such goals for his son.

“I tell you this story to remind you that dreams are real, and if this girl can tell you what they mean, then you should listen to her. Just as the Pharaoh of old had listened to the words of a Hebrew slave. Listen to the words of this Oracle girl. She has wisdom that we do not.”

-Excerpt from Chapter 14 of The Pharaoh by Elizabeth Hefty and Andrew Ronzino

There it is, please keep in mind that it’s a “vomit draft”, so it’ll be rough.  It was written, and given a once-over look to make sure it made sense.  No true editing has been done to it yet.

Current word count for The Pharaoh: 25,440/50,000!

Keep watching, keep writing, keep doing,

Andrew Ronzino, the Italian Stallion


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 7: 25,000+ Words!" (3)

  1. *shivers* Typos. >.<
    Sorry, spelling Nazi. You might want to make a not to change the "new" to "knew" in the first bit of that long paragraph.

    I'm also having a hard time with, "Zaphenath took a few grapes and chewed them". I personally think it should state something more along the lines of having him place them in his mouth rather than go immediately to the chewing action. However having no access to what was said before this I could be getting a different perspective.

    Other than that though it's interesting. I like the Joseph reference. ^.^

    • You need to learn the definition of “vomit draft”, Kai. I’m aware of the errors, but instead of pointlessly spending time fixing them all, I’m focused on “vomiting” out the story. Rewriting and editing will come later after the first, completely rough draft is written. I’m a grammar Nazi, so I know how you feel, I’m forcing myself to take a step back and be willing to fix it later. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about, as well as what I’m doing. :-)

      As for the chewing it thing…originally wrote that he put them into his mouth, but I felt like it was needless words. He took the grapes and chewed then…putting them into his mouth is implied. So I took it out, and I liked it better that way.

  2. Your NaNo story, based on the short little excerpts, sounds pretty awesome. Maybe that’s just me being one of the many Ancient Egyptian nuts, but it’s really great to see A. Egypt fiction that’s not from the 80s and 90s. Great Joseph reference as well.
    And over halfway? Jeez. I need to stop procrastinating on WordPress and get my fingers typing my own NaNo.


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