A shift is needed…

Okay, so normally I co-lead a Bible study on Friday nights, but since NaNo started, I need to spend that time writing.  So I left before people arrived and went to Biggby (Or Beaner’s if you like the old name better) to get the writing done.  As I ordered my Chai (My sister would be proud) an old acquaintance of mine whom I haven’t seen in forever came over to chat and paid for the drink I had just ordered.  Very cool.  He was with one of my friends Andrew Blauwkamp (AKA Andrew Blauwkamp)!  I chatted with them for a bit, then set to work.

After I read my co-author’s chapter, I started to write mine, which would be Chapter 10.  My good friend Mike and his wife Ashley came in to say hello because they knew I was there.  It was a nice surprise.

As for writing, we are now 18,900+ words as of this evening!  I’m really excited.  Our two protagonists are really coming along very well, and I believe the story (though a bit rough around the edges…it’ll be smoothed out after the Challenge is over) is solid and really taking form.  Maybe you’ll all get another except sometime soon.

Until next time,

Andrew Ronzino, Guy Who Plugs Other People’s Stuff!

P.S. There’s only one thing better than Chai Tea, and that’s the drink in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdRo2NJJcUU (Another plug?!  What’s wrong with me?)


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo Day 5: Visitors At Biggby" (3)

  1. CHAI TEA!!!!! :D :D :D

  2. My Vanilla Freeze was quite yummy as well… though I paid for it myself.

    Glad you enjoy writing as much as I do… someday we will both be making a lot of money doing it.


  3. YUM YUM!!

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