A shift is needed…

Caption Contest

Here we go, here’s the next picture. Remember, best comment wins. You can comment multiple times.

And here we…go!

Have fun!


Winner of the last Caption Contest is:


Chicken on the right – “Hey now, we’ve been over this. Flying’s not fair.”
Chicken on the left – “You’re just saying that cause you’re losing.”


Comments on: "Caption Contest" (25)

  1. “Could you get me a glass of water, deer?”
    “Get your own water. You know you are already in the dog house with me.”

  2. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

  3. faithstart said:

    Deer: “Did you just fart?”
    Pooch: “Maybe”
    Deer: “Dude, I can’t breath!”

  4. faithstart said:

    Ok that was really stupid! But at least I tried! Right?

  5. yeah I know I stink!! what is a dog and deer supposed to do.

  6. “these people are so boring…..

  7. anti-blogger said:

    another classic example of what redneck in breading can produce….freakin brothers and sister

  8. Yeah I am SO bad at captioning. :???:

    The newest Disney movie: Bambi and the Hound.

    See, I told you. :shock:


    This is a conspiracy!!!

  10. On a serious note…. do YOU have a baby deer? Where was this taken? Whose animals are they? Where did they come from? I’m mostly interested in the deer. MmHmm.

  11. “As the deer pants for the water
    So the dog longs for it too.”

  12. I like A-B’s! That one gets my vote. I’m not great at captioning either, but I’ll try to think of one and maybe come back later…

  13. Dog thinking: Oh my boy. Why is there a deer on my couch?!?

    Deer thinking: This is not what the forest looked like when I fell asleep. This must be a bad dream…close my eyes and think real hard, “There’s no place like my meadown, there’s no place like my meadow”.

    Dog: You’re still here, oh deer.

  14. I love anti’s… Hilarious!!!

  15. “After all these years as the family pet and I have to share my couch with him… I bet Underdog was never treated this way…”

  16. And….. I agree, Heidi! Anti’s definitely made me laugh!

  17. Late night convo at the Spot home…

    “Hey, wake up deer, look what’s on T.V.! They added chicken fighting in the Olympics.”

  18. @ngie– ha ha ha!!!

  19. faithstart said:

    i like Jens! and Angie is funny too.

  20. It followed me home… Can I keep it?

  21. Dog – “That’s it… he needs a hearing aid. She said she wanted to take a walk on the boating pier, not that she wanted to have a talk with a baby deer.”

    Deer – “Well, as long as I’m here, I might as well make myself comfortable…”

  22. deer thinking: “if I can’t see him, then he can’t see me…”

  23. Not tonight Deer – i have a heaache! :-)))


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