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Birthday Time

Birthday Fun

Birthday Fun (From left to right: Niel, Alece, Andrew, Mike)

My birthday is August 20th, and yesterday I celebrated my 23rd birthday. And it was fun. The day before, (the 19th), my sister, brother, brother-in-law, and I went to Splish Splash, the only water park on Long Island. Alece and Niel treated me to a day of fun there, and Mike tagged along.

It was loads of fun, we nearly died on the new ride, which scared the living snot out of me, I almost backed out three times, but I pulled through, and let’s just say my hand was shaking after we got off the ride. The rest of the day was great. However, the lines were bad, so we only got to go on each ride once. Shame. By the time we all got home, we were exhausted.

Anyways, yesterday was great. Got a bunch of shirts, including two Chuck Norris shirts, which cracked me up. And some books which I plan to read as soon as I can. Birthday dinner included chicken cutlets, bread and dipping oil, and corn on the cob (what is a cob anyway?). We ended the evening with a Cravel cake! And it was good. We laughed about old family jokes, and I think we freaked Niel out a bit. It was a good day.

I’m looking forward to another good year!


Comments on: "Birthday Time" (4)

  1. niel was cracking up, what are you talkin’ about?!


    ahhh, nevermind.

    happy birthday. again.

  2. Michael Haberlein said:

    I thought Splish Splash was a gay bar?

    Guess I was wrong… AGAIN.

    Happy birthday bra’. See you when you get home. It’s been… quiet.

  3. haha … nothing like old family jokes to freak out the in-laws!

    Fun times!

  4. Alece – I saw his face, at one point, he was freaked out!

    Mike – You’re always wrong. Remember that.

    Annie – This is true.

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