A shift is needed…

Top Ten

I got this idea from my sister!

So, here are the top ten things I learned about myself this week:

10. I really, really love the TV show Smallville.

9. I like to play “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” on my Xbox 360.

8. Nothing feels as good as going to bed late on the eve of your day off; knowing that you can sleep late and not care.

7. If I could snap my fingers and change the world…I would.

6. For some odd reason, whenever I generate an random number in my head it’s always 87. I believe 87 is my 42…so to speak.

5. I like to listen to books as I work.

4. I can be a wuss…not willing to take chances sometimes. And I don’t like it.

3. If I didn’t have God in my life…I don’t even want to think about that.

2. I’m glad to have such good friends who I can threaten and verbally abuse all day, every day, and can the same treatment from in return. Talk about fun!

1. I love my family more than life itself.


Comments on: "Top Ten: Things I Learned About Myself This Week" (3)

  1. You think there is any significance to the fact that 87 is 13 off a Hundred???

    It might just be me.. but i’m inclined to believe that ANY change i would make to the world…

    … would result in an even bigger stuff up. Probably best to leave it to the Big Guy!

    Unless you know better than Him that is? ;-)


  2. Don’t think for one second i have not had MANY times when i desired to do it though… most often when i was REALLY cheesed of about something.


    Being Onmipotent has it’s drawbacks!


  3. listening to books while you work?? really? do you remember what you’re hearing? hmmm…

    i love you too!

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