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Caption Contest

Just for fun, I want to hold a caption contest every now and then. I’ll put up a picture and you will get you write captions. When I close the contest, I’ll choose the best one. And that’ll be the winner. Sorry, no prizes. You can post as many times as you want.

Here we go!

Let’s hear those captions!




Comments on: "Caption Contest" (6)

  1. “Chicken fight!!”

    Although I don’t think that’s original.

    “Oh! And it seems Dale has wrested the ball away from Bob! That’s some fancy footwork, there, but I wonder if he’ll be charged a foul for wings!”

  2. I told you, Harold. I can’t play soccer. Stop doing fancy footwork. …Ohhh look at you…..Harold thinks he’s Beckam. Psh.”

  3. “Foul Play!” – but Annie got there before me!

    “Peckham shoots – he scawwwwwws!”

    “BOY! AHH SAY BOYY! – Nice kid but about as sharp as a soccer ball!”


  4. Chicken on the right – “Hey now, we’ve been over this. Flying’s not fair.”
    Chicken on the left – “You’re just saying that cause you’re losing.”

  5. i’ve got nothing. i wish i had some creative juices flowing…

  6. […] of the last Caption Contest […]

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